Henry Cavill cast as Geralt in Netflix Adaptation

In early August Henry Cavill told IGN that he would be interested in playing the role of Geralt in the upcoming Netflix show based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski (which also inspired the legendary game series). He will get to do just as he has been officially cast in the role.

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Because he looks so much like Geralt?


Lol. Think they’re working on the assumption that makeup maketh the man.

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It can though. Just look at arguably the best Geralt cosplayer, Maul Cosplay’s Instagram. You will see how he looks with and without the makeup as Geralt. Big difference.


Looking at his face in the article’s picture - I could actually see him as Geralt. Maybe we should get @GregRedd to work his photoshop magic and add the white hair and beard and then we can see if he looks the part.

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Like this?


A lot of people seem to have been disappointed with his announcement.

Yeah I see lots of people moaning all over the place. I get the apprehension, but give the guy a chance. Wait until we see at least a picture of him as Geralt, or better yet a teaser or trailer, before going on a tirade.


Maybe he’s good maybe he isn’t. How much of the budget for the show went to him though.

Hmmm. I think you greatly overestimate my Photoshopfu…

Cobbled this together:

With more time (and a lot more inclination which I don’t have) I’d probably be able to put something better together. But, nah.


They should have cast Nicolas Cage.


not sure how this will work since he has so many movies to still appear in how is he going to balance all that and grow a beard.

I think GredRedd said it best:

Easy. Just apply a CGI beard like his moustache in Justice League. That didn’t look akward at all, right?

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Wait what! you mean to tell me he had a mustache in justice league and they used CGI to hide it without having his upper lip looking really weird and can never be unseen again :wink:

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Ermmm… Yes? :smile:

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That was enlightening. I see he also cosplays Superman (and Jason Momoa Khal Drogo, Snake, and the guy from Cyberpunk) — so makes the point beautifully.

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Some other folks beat you to it. This doesn’t look too bad, eh?



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Hmmm, he needs more scars