ISP rant because why not

Im on Fibre…Capped…with WEBAFRICA. I was told this would be the end to my issues of congestions (high latency after 19h30 that disappears after 22h00). After reporting it a few times to WebAfrica, I started getting ignored.

After i got tired of creating multiple tickets I made a complaint on Hellopeter. Lo and behold, they responded!

After 2 more days I got an email asking me to reset router as telkom did a reset their side, and to test and see if this solves it

This didn’t fix the problem. I promptly informed them of this…they’ve gone on now to ignoring me

Am open to suggestions as to what to do, who to switch to etc.I think the fact remains its a Telkom issue (congestion) on their end, the traceroutes seem to suggest it, they supposedly admitted to it, and Openserve are the sole fibre providers in the area. But Webafrica dropped the ball in terms of customer service and feedback. I need an ISP who I pay to manage my line to actually manage my line. Fighting to get in touch with someone capable of doing something is exactly what I pay them NOT to have to do…


EDIT: i did receive a mail after the initial one asking me to restart router telling me they opened a Line fault with telkom and someone would be in touch…noone was, and webafrica have not replied since…

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If you’re looking for alternative fibre ISPs to try I can recommend Cool Ideas and RocketNet. I’ve met them and they seem like cool folks.

Unfortunately I don’t think RocketNet is on Openserve… But Cool Ideas is.

Yea cool ideas are awesome but sadly their offerings are only uncapped and are quite a chunk more expensive…but I’ve been considering it. Heard such good things about them from people

You are not the only one complaining about WA - weirdly on my ADSL line I have no issues at all…

But a friend living 20km from me are struggling with shaping for the past 3 weeks

I’m not sure what price you’re currently paying and for what speed but I’m on Openserve and have a bit of a hybrid connection going. I get a 40Mbps line from ISP Afrika - R629 (10GB capped account which I treat as a backup) and then I have a 250GB capped account from Crystal Web (R383) which comes with zero-rated data between 00:00 and 18:00 so effectively it’s uncapped since I hardly touch the cap even when streaming in the evenings. R1 012 in total which is not too bad for Openserve 40Mbps (effectively) uncapped.

I haven’t had many issues but when I have had Crystal Webs live chat on their website is pretty good - you can get instant feedback rather than have to wait for a reply to your ticket. They’ve also redone their whole client portal system - i.e. actually have one now so you can check usage etc.

I used to be with CW, and left them precisely due to them not having a portal giving me basic info such as my IP, data used etc. i think they strung me on for over 6 months with “will be fixed soon” before I told them I need to be able to login and see what my External IP is thanks, and they aren’t providing that.
Their service WAS decent other than the portal in perpetual “beta”. good to hear they finally sorted that (about 3 years later heh)

and like clockwork after 22h30, heres my traceroute:

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 * * * Request timed out.
3 24 ms 24 ms 22 ms
4 29 ms 29 ms 24 ms
5 16 ms 15 ms 15 ms
6 32 ms 31 ms 31 ms []
7 28 ms 28 ms 39 ms
8 26 ms 23 ms 23 ms []
9 24 ms 23 ms 23 ms

Trace complete.

I have had this exact issue for three weeks now. 20:00 to 22:00 shaping on a unshaped package from WebAfrica. open tickets get closed. repeat the same ticket on facebook with screen grabs. I also did a ping analysis and … average ping to battlenet = 1734ms after ten it is back to normal 180’s

thanks @Wyvern for the heads up — I AM NOT ALONE


I had issues with WA last week. Connection constantly on and off.

I can do a traceroute to webafrica when I get home, if it will help, I’m also on adsl.

i’m on fibre :stuck_out_tongue:

If you could, do a traceroute when you get home, then again at 20h00 please. Since thats the issue I’m having. its always in the evenings, and its SUDDEN. it doesn’t gradually build up from like after 5 or something, it hits like a ton of bricks. I know this coz i’ll be ingame when it happens…great, went from 40ms to 980ms within seconds.

How did you get the capped package from crystalweb…i only see uncapped fibre offerings from them?

EDIT:also, crystalwebs site seems broken to me. nothing happens when i click free trial (by xtreme capped). the slider doesn’t change the pricing, signup form is empty…not exactly reassuring :smiley:

I am with ISP Afrika, always deal with Garth.
I am extremely happy with them!


R200 more expensive than next price :frowning:

who do you have your fibre line with?

Openserve :frowning:

You do not have much of a choice. You HAVE to take the rental from who ever is installing in your area…

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Yup, that is Openserve for you. Does not matter where you look, they are more expensive

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If you feel and can prove they are being negligent and want them to react then report them to the ISPA since they are a member

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The Xtreme Capped is sorted under ADSL but works on fibre connections. I had a look to check and see that the offer has changed though. The zero-rated data is only from midnight to 08:00 so it’s not nearly as a good a deal as it used to be. I’m just glad that I still get it on the terms at which I purchased the package.

Hmmm… I’ve got a 200Gb package with WebAfrica and a 400Gb (technically almost uncapped) package with Vox. The Vox one isn’t great, but it is dirt cheap (R169 and it carries over for 6 months… so I have like 2.4Tb data) and works fine most of the time. Just for sensitive things like VOIP it has issues.
Whenever Vox gives problems, I switch to WebAfrica because they seem more reliable. No issues with them.

Ok due to stupid AGM I forgot about this until now.

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 49 ms 99 ms 99 ms voxtelecom.lan []
2 * * * Request timed out.
3 270 ms 209 ms 315 ms
4 59 ms 67 ms 93 ms
5 43 ms 52 ms 63 ms
6 101 ms 59 ms 67 ms
7 158 ms 94 ms 126 ms
8 85 ms 87 ms 95 ms []
9 60 ms 81 ms 71 ms

Trace complete.

Don’t know what that tells you.

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