Jo-Burgers Meat Up






Holding thumbs that Eishkom load shedding shenanigans don’t cock this Most Epically planned event up. If they have free WiFi someone needs to stream a “go around the table and introduce yourself” video.


See you all soon!


Anyone there yet?


Yes, Soli, Czc and I are here


Most of us are here now. We’ll wait until 12h30 and then order food, otherwise I might eat @DieGrootHammer.


Out of context potential right there. Unless we change his name to @DieGrootHamburger


What a fabulous afternoon! Thank you everyone for attending and those who weren’t there (cough @Flex cough) you were sorely missed. @SIGSTART promised to post the official video introductions soon enough…


Thanks to everyone. Was great meeting you all and spending a fun afternoon.


You were, in fact, not the only guy with shorts… I think almost everyone wore shorts?


Made it home! Thanks for making the trip ya’ll. And thank you very much again to @wenzdayz for arranging everything.

Video(s) sooooon.


I’m home too, it was awesome meeting everyone.


Thanks guys, was great meeting you all.


Let me just say that you all look nothing like your avatars :grin:

Great meeting you all though!


Where is my photo!


Thanks everyone. It was fun!

@Wyvern @SIGSTART will make a video and I think @wenzdayz took a photo.


Was great meeting everyone, wish I could have a chat with all of you, but, alas! Hopefully next time.


Fun fact, here in Gauteng your table reservation can get hijacked.


Sorry sorry, our Internet was down after our loadsheding ended and then I fell asleep on the couch.

Was great putting faces to names! Thanks for a great lunch!


Let’s see if those who weren’t there can put the names to the faces… Should be a fun game. Lets maybe throw in a prize for the winner who guesses the most correct?