Jo-Burgers Meat Up



So since the Capies have had this awesome burger evening, us joburgers are feeling a little left out.

Shall we organise our very own little burger soiree?

Can we have some suggestion of dates that would work for everyone?

i was thinking perhaps the 1s of December perhaps?

@DieGrootHammer @Solitude @Flex @Donisia @FarligOpptreden @Donisia @czc @Pr0fPyr0 @DarthMol
@Tom @SIGSTART @MetalSoup @Hiro @Fivelza (Who Else? please tag the other Jhb peeps)


uuuuuuhm it appears a faux pas has occued , I’m in Cape Town :wink:


Why did i think youre here?.. sorry!


because @DieGrootHammer wishes I was :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Please find out if there is any other shape food available then I will consider. Thank you


you can have chips or steak…


@GregRedd @TheAvenged87 your also around our parts ne?


Im in! @Hiro and @Solitude and @DieGrootHammer will also join us…


Rectangular pizza?


I just ask the pizza place to separate the pieces ahead of time. Triangular shaped food is fine.


A lot of people don’t know that me, @Tom, @Hiro and @DieGrootHammer are actually the same person. That’s why @Tom can speak for all of me.


once we have a date locked down, we can discuss a venue. so everyone also feel free to add great burger places that you know as well


One point of contact is always easier than four.


I might have to pass, as much fun as it sounds. I have a baby to tend to in the evenings and I can’t leave my wife all day AND all night with him. I’ll see if I can at least jump in just for a quick hello - and to be part of the selfie. I guess @SIGSTART will also join?


well you could always bring the wife with, its not as though SO’s are banned and the lil one as well


I can do with a burger now. Hmmmm.

But yes. I’m not much of a social person but I’ll be there. Have met some of you in real life already.


We can’t really go out with a 3 month old baby… Yet. Trust me, we tried and it just doesn’t work. I guess we’ll have to wait another couple of months for him to be more socially adaptable.


If its a weekend we could do it during the day too.


A saturday would be great cause then we could do it during the day and people wont feel so scared to meet up with strangers


What strangers? We are all family here.