Jo-Burgers Meat Up



Also @SIGSTART has been typing for half an hour now. I think he is going to reply with a novel.


I’ve seen that…


The evening of 1 December works for me (I have another appointment in the afternoon, but it should be finished by 17h00 or 18h00.)

I’m actually in Centurion, but not averse to travelling to Joburg for our first burger night at a nice joint (paying it forward for how far the Cape Townians drove to meet me!)

We have a Burger Bistro here in Centurion, near the N14 offramp, if ya’ll want to consider that. There are other great restaurants around here to consider that aren’t franchised too.


Yeah Burger Bistro is great!


I think I’ll avoid this burger though, I’m not crazy.


Copying @wenzdayz’s list in here because these are some pretty awesome places to consider as well:

  • Hudsons - Parkhurts
  • Dukes Burgers Greenside (Although they are quite pricey but the burgers are monsters)
  • BGR - Rosebank
  • Jerry’s Burger Bar - Illovo
  • Brooklyn Brothers - Roodekruin


I’m very keen but the 1st won’t work for me unfortunately as it’s my father-in-law’s birthday that day.





Am indeed. Got a couple of kak weeks ahead but will definitely be keen if I’m able. Will watch the thread.


I am in! 100%. Just set the date and place and I’ll be there!!


There’s always a vegetarian option!

you can make due…or you can fuck off :smiley:

(just a Jimmy Carr joke, don’t hate me i love you)


I’d also love to come through! 1 or 2 December should work, looks like my wife does not work that weekend.

However, I would prefer earlier in the day if possible. If it will be held in the late afternoon/early evening I would probably have to skip.


I volunteer to come to take the selfie!


If its after 4 on a Saturday im in, sundays are cool , otherwise im working.


We should rename this thread to Jo-Burgers Night!


But what about those who live in neighbouring metros? Are we excluded from the fun?


Not all all, the suggestion was merely for the sake of a pun :smile:


So is this happening?


Step 1: Agree the date
Step 2: Agree the location
Step 3: …
Step 4: Profit?


I reckon we should find out where everyone lives and find a place in the middle. Because there’s people from everywhere.

Otherwise I’m fine with 1 December and I agree to make it a lunch thing because then @Blazzok can join us. He will be driving through all the way from the middle of nowhere. I said I’ll go visit him and I just never do. It’s bad.