Jo-Burgers Meat Up



If we do a lunch meet up on 1 December I should be able to make it then. Definitely can’t do evening that day.


I’d be game depending on when and where… Mostly the “when” part. 1 December is unfortunately a no-go for me as I’ll be in Nelspruit that weekend.
I’m also from Centurion.


This will probably be a weekend thing?
What about everyone posts which weekend(s) they can meetup, then we take it from there? Unless the collective already decided on World Aids Day :hamburger:


I can do 1 December in the afternoon as a lunch. Can also do most week nights for late get together as well. I would suggest either a place in Midrand or Centurion, as these are the most central locations to most people, and not because I live there…


I can only do the weekend of 1 December. I am on standby the next 2 weekends after that, and from 15 December my parents are visiting us as well.


i am very game for a weekend date for the meetup and am flexible in terms of day or night but i think a day thing will probably best and we can do this years meet up in Centurion and then next years we can do in Jhb and so on and so forth?


1 December lunch in Centurion. Sounds good to me! We can also go to the Bistro at the Fleisherei supermarket just behind Grey Owl shopping center. We’ll be able to get a nice, cozy reservation for the afternoon and they seem to make really good food…


OK So shall we call a vote for 1 December at say 12:00/13:00 and then put forth venues?



and other characters


Who is flying me up!


seems like the capetonians were much more efficient in their creation of a date/time/place than the joburgers :stuck_out_tongue:


thats cause there are fewer of you… and cape town is only so big :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


“of you”…?

I’m neither

I’m from the Eastern Cape, our burger night is still awaiting the right government tender before we can start to setup times for meetings to discuss times for meetings regarding venues.


oh hahaha, well at least we have our tender and have kinda agreed on a date that works for most, we now just need the votes to pass it through


I’m happy with 1 December lunch time.

I know Centurion is far so if anyone want to drive with me then they are welcome to. I won’t drink.


Eastern Cape master race :slight_smile:


The Cape Town event was more efficient because I basically demanded it be held on a specific night, at Royale Eatery, because that’s when I was available and I was without a car.

We can do things like that for the Joburg meet too, if ya’ll want :stuck_out_tongue:

I can be there for the beginning of the shindig, but have to leave to attend an appointment I’ve already confirmed for 15:00 that day.

Centurion works for me, as I live here.

Collating some venue suggestions (and adding a few):

  • Burger Bistro, Jean Avenue
  • Bistro, in the huge Fleisherei supermarket / offices across Parmalat
  • Eugene’s Casa Portuguese & Pub across the road from Grey Owl (is that the one you were referring to @FarligOpptreden?)
  • Prue Leith’s Chef’s Academy Restaurant (this requires a reservation)
  • Hemingway’s at Leriba Lodge (reservation recommended to make sure they’re open)
  • Pizzaria Milan in Eldoraigne (my personal recommendation, but some distance away from the highway offramps)
  • The Godfather, Midstream Estate
  • Railways, Irene (this place is weird, but awesome — good shakes, good beer, good pizza)

Otherwise there are a few well-known franchised spots that are quite good. Karoo or Pizza e Vino in Irene Village. Rocomamas in Jean Crossing or Irene Village. Salsa at Jean Crossing.


ja i think we will need to do that @SIGSTART perhaps create a poll for the venue and then the venue with the most votes will be it?


Sounds like a plan to me. Shall we wait until tomorrow morning for folks to send in their nominations?


Tyrant SIGSTART, showing us how its meant to be done! :smiley: