Jo-Burgers Meat Up



In fairness, I was enabled by @Wyvern who organised the whole thing after I said I wanted to meet up :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes Master, I agree master. Whatever master says how it happened master.

Beating Off 2.0

You can ask @DieGrootHammer, I have a habit of doing that. :slight_smile:


Not actually, no. The huge Fleisherei supermarket / offices across Parmalat have a very nice restaurant at the back called Bistro. If you haven’t ever been there, SHAME ON YOU. Their breakfasts and steaks are divine and they have what seems to be great burgers as well…


Thanks, I’ve added it to the list.


I’ve been there! I tried out wagyu steak there.


and how was the steak?


It was excellent but not worth the crazy price in my opinion. I mean if I was a billionaire then I’d eat it every day but for now it’s a once in a lifetime thing to try out.


Their Welsh Rarebit breakfast is incredible. Best poached eggs I’ve ever had. Wife also swears by their “biltong and mieliepap” breakfast.



(this body is clear and a complete sentence)


I might not be able to join in Centurion. Someone else will have to take the selfie


Where are you located?


I’ll have to do the next one. I can make any day except 1 December :stuck_out_tongue: .
If you’re going to Centurion I can recommend Burger Bistro as well though.


Far south, beyond Umbär, in a place called Midvaal.

I have to be at The Cradle around 15h00, but I saw now that it’s closer to Centurion than I thought. Might then actually work. The wife and terrorist will have to tag along though.

Anyone else dragging their SO’s along? Little ones?


Whew, you are far away!

My SO works on Saturdays so she won’t be joining us.


im dragging mine with


I wont be able to join the 1st, work till 2 and have an appointment at 3:30 :sweat_smile: ill join next time. I can do Sundays generally


I’m fine with the Sunday too if people would rather have it on the Sunday.


I can do sunday as well

but we need to lock in a date and venue this week still.


We’ll also be back on Sunday.

And then I’ll also bring my SO. She usually takes over when I run out of my quota of words to say for the day :smiley: