Jo-Burgers Meat Up


  • I want 1 December @ 12:00
  • No I want 2 December @ 12:00

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I pick the third option: I don’t mind. :slight_smile:


@Havok will also be joining us.


lol, when? we do need some kind of way forward. at the moment we are tied for both days…


If @Blazzok can join us on the Sunday then I pick the Sunday because it sounds like that’s the day that most people will be able to join. Just waiting to hear from him.

Okay just heard from him. He says maybe. Which isn’t very helpful.


You guys won’t be done by 13h00, right? I think both days works for me, but I actually have no idea what my Sunday morning looks like :confused:


not by a long shot, everyone will not be there at exactly 12:00 (cause you know no one wants to be first- except i will be first cause im never late, and im organising )


We should maybe do a mention to everyone who replied to this thread and ask them which days would suit them.

I need to go home now however!


I can also do either Saturday or Sunday. It does seem like Sunday is the day most people will be able to join, so we should probably settle on Sunday. I’ll go cast my vote


I’ll talk with the wife tonight to check, but either should be fine I guess, just prefer Saturday. However if more people can make it on a Sunday, then that should be okay as well.

More vague answers, I know. Hopefully I’ll know later tonight :slight_smile:


I’m also happy to do either day. Will go with the consensus.


Okay, both days are fine with me, however I would prefer Saturday. If more people can make it on Sunday, then that is fine too.


Don’t be a fence-sitter. Make a choice dammit!


I still voted for Saturday, as that is my preference :slight_smile:


Haha after 12 votes it’s equal.


hahaha, i changed my to saturday…if i change it back to sunday, sunday wins


I would remove my vote if I could :stuck_out_tongue:


So we are still tied? what are we to do now? Has anyone not voted?


Ek het tot my vote uit gehaal en dis nog getie?


I was fine with either, but have now voted for Sunday.