Jo-Burgers Meat Up



Currently 2 December is winning.


ok so since 02 December is winning. its settled, the Jo-burgers night will now be Jo-Burger Day - 2 December @ 12:00pm

now to vote for WHERE:

  • • Burger Bistro, Jean Avenue, Centurion
  • • Bistro, in the huge Fleisherei supermarket / offices across Parmalat
  • • Eugene’s Casa Portuguese & Pub across the road from Grey Owl
  • • Prue Leith’s Chef’s Academy Restaurant
  • • Hemingway’s at Leriba Lodge
  • • The Godfather
  • • Railways, Irene

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Dammit. Want 2 votes. I think Railways is actually a very very cool chilled spot to just sit and chat with people. Not a formal restaurant vibe at all


Same with Bistro@Fleisherei. We would be able to arrange a dedicated area gor the get-together either inside or out. Besides, it’s about 10km closer for the Jo’burg crowd than Burger Bistro…

If I’m being selfish, I could also vote for The Godfather, as I stay very close to it. The Italian restaurant directly across from it is also highly rated, if people want proper wood-fired pizzas and great pasta dishes.


Dont know where any of these are :joy: shall go by comments


Right, so does that settle it then? Are we meeting this Sunday at Burger Bistro?


No! Why do all the Jo-burgers want to drive so far to Burger Bistro when Bistro@Fleisherei is closer and has so much more options (not burgers specifically) to choose from? I suggest a recount of the votes… This seems rigged.


This place?


Yes, that’s the one that some of us want to go to. I like it because it’s easy to get to, have ample parking, a big variety on the menu and I can quickly stop by the butchery which is excellent. :slight_smile:


Also if any Joburgers need a ride then let me know.

I’m in the West so I can take people from the West and the North. Or I can pick people up in the North if they come from the East and don’t want to drive the whole way.


Are you gonna send me biltong? Since I am missing out :frowning:


I’m keen to car pool.


Cool, you can pm me where to pick you up.


Haha if we go to @FarligOpptreden’s place then I’ll get you biltong.


I’ve changed my mind!! Voted for the other place, as it is closer to me.



Haha some peoples votes count for more than others.


As it should be, obviously.


I’ve rocked the vote. You all made me buy into this two-restaurant system instead of voting for the one true candidate — Railways.

By the way: Burger Bistro is further for those driving from Joburg, but it is very close to the Jean Avenue offramp — very easy to get to. It also has enough parking as it is in a shopping centre (Clubview Corner). Not sure about butcheries and biltong shops, but Clubview Corner does have a Spar.

*Edit: I see Fleisherei is winning without my help, so I have given my vote back to Railways, where it belongs.


The Fleisherei is huge, it’s like a Super Spar full of meat. You can’t beat that…


the poll will close on Wednesday so then we will finalise everything and make a booking? or should we give the poll until today and then close it.
im happy to do any of the options, as i have never been to any of those restaurants (apart from burger bistro, but the kempton park one)