Jo-Burgers Meat Up



I’ll leave this here so long…


I’m having that fillet if we end up going there!


Well there you have it, a clear winner. And now I’m hungy.


Check their burgers on the lunch menu. Quite a wide, exotic variety to choose from.


Me toooooooooooooooooo and I cant pay R1300 just for a steak right now


You sonofabitcha…



Glad to see everybody got swayed by my subtle pleading…


Damn I might not be able to join anymore :confused:
Will try get myself out of current arrangements and do my best to join


So are we still calling this a burgers night or is it more of a meat up? :smirk:


You know we are doing it in Centurion especially for you. More people are coming through from Joburg.


Wait waht? O_o Did just my vote count?


You complained when we said we wanted it somewhere in the middle so we made it in Centurion. :smile:


hahaha ja now we are doing it for @Blazzok(cause he is from middelburg), @FarligOpptreden (Cause he has a baby) and for @Donisia (cause its also closer for her )


Centurion is much closer for me as well. If it was in Joburg I probably would have chickened out.


I changed my vote to Bistro vleiserei, because I don’t really care which one we go to. Looking at the location of Burger Bistro and Bistro, they aren’t that far apart.

Carpool from Middelburg anyone?


Ill be there, will probs bring someone with me though
maybe 2 people


ok cool, so can everyone not coming stag let me know so that i can call them to book a table/s?


I’ll just confirm with the wife tonight. We can’t join for lunch, but might come for a drink and a hello? Would be great to meet everyone


I’m most probsbly coming alone. Will confirm with the wife though…