Jo-Burgers Meat Up



I’m coming alone as well. Would’ve asked my wife if I had one…


I’m coming alone. My wife is working over the weekend.

Or well @DarthMol is coming with me but that doesn’t count. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be coming with my SO. What time is it going to be?


I believe around 12:00?


12:00 onwards


Oooooohh Jannie Jammergat…


Ya it will just be me - the wife will look after the kids.


Also just me. Asked my wife if she wanted to come with but she said no.


Seems like the wife-not-wanting-to-join thing is a trend here. My wife also politely declined, but we stay close enough to the venue that I can almost just yell loud enough and she’ll hear me.


you guys did mention that there will be other girls as well…right…? :wink:


Jy weet nou al ons tel nie as girls nie lol


so preliminary numbers are 20 ppl including @Flex(who doesnt know if he is joining) @Czc (sitting on the fence, not having said yes or no):grinning:
FriedPet(drinks only)+1


Quite a crowd, we might have to wear name tags!



As much as I like the idea of name tags, I’m not wearing one. Everyone else must please wear one though :stuck_out_tongue:


I only had to show my gf the picture of the steak to convince her. :grin:


No really that necessary, I’d be able to recognize:
@MetalSoup (I’ve met him IRL)
@DieGrootHammer (also met him IRL)

So the rest of the attendees won’t be too difficult to figure out. :smile:


This is why we need MEW merch


I’ll bring my wife along depending on how she feels on that day. She’ll probably make it though.

I’ve only briefly met @Solitude, so I should be able to recognise him at least :). I’ve also seen a picture of @wenzdayz back when she won something on Mygaming and posted a picture of herself after receiving it, so I might recognise her too seeing that the number of women attending will be limited.


OK I called Fleisherei Bistro and made us a booking at 12:00. booking is under my real name “Alisia” and i asked to sit outside.