Jo-Burgers Meat Up



maar @Wyvern mag nie compete nie :wink:


Thanks for the cool photo. Nice to see everyone, even if I don’t know who’s who. Looks like it was a cool afternoon


All I’m seeing is a bunch of good looking Epic geeks with beards and glasses :joy: And the man at the table in the background on the right talking with his mouth full!

I’d guess @FarligOpptreden and Mrs back right, @DieGrootHammer in white in the middle right, @SIGSTART and Mrs opposite him on the left, and @wenzdayz in the front on the left.


ooh so close 3 out of 6 only though


May I give you some tips? The people that attended today were:

…including some plus ones (and a plus two). Maybe that helps you to identify everyone?


Join the guessing game! I guess we can let it run until @SIGSTART finishes his video editing for everyone’s formal introduction… Then we can lift the veil of mystery and see who got the closest.


Based on a previous comment, I would guess that Solitude is up front in the black shirt?


I have no clue who anyone is. Just Sig in the middle left.


If I didn’t recognise him and Wenzdayz, I probably would have still been running around in the restaurant trying to find them. All the other faces I knew were pointed away from the entrance.


Sorry for not “exactly” attending. We were late from hospital and got there about an hour late. By that time, the table was very full and my wife just wasn’t feeling up to meeting that many new people at once in her state. I also didn’t recognise anyone so I figured we’ll rather do the next get-together and be early.

The food was great though. Had a quick quiet lunch before we rushed off to try and catch a pharmacy open.


Oh no! You should’ve came and said hello! I don’t believe anyone would’ve bitten…


Sigh! :frowning: So so so so sad I missed it! Had a cousins Baby shower :confused: I hate these baby showers when the men have to go with. I do not get it at all. Doeke Braai??!!?! Is it jsut and Afrikaans thing?


Nope been to plenty nappy braais - it is a more recent thing though. With our first child there was only a baby shower, but we had the shower and nappy braai with our second. I will admit it’s very helpful to get all those nappies though!


Since no one has guessed all the names I guess @Wyvern can have a go now and show off her stalking capabilities.


No fair, there are a fair few faces at the table I dont know, I can confidently ID Wenz, soli, czc, blaz, sig, hammer and donise.


Let’s give the rest of the forum time to wake up first. I guess we’ll have some more guesses coming in through the day.


So just to repost the photo of the meet-up and to state the challenge. See if you can name as many attendees in the photo below. If nobody gets it right, we’ll let @Wyvern loose to put everyone to shame.


So no new guesses in 8 hours???


As per @GregRedd’s suggestion, I made a video where everyone around the table introduces themselves. (Cribbed the text animation from @MalicE’s Secret Santa video, because it was rad.)

There were a few non-regulars in the mix, but we welcome them too :slight_smile:.

For posterity, here’s the original inspiration for the video:

They didn’t have Wi-Fi, but being able to edit it afterwards was probably a good thing :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol cover up the mic ai jan.

Dam die groothammer looks complete different to what I had in my head.

And more glitter.

Wish i was still that side of the world for this.