Jo-Burgers Meat Up



That came out so much better than I anticipated! Well done sir!


That’s so awesome!, Thanks for doing that Jan

Hmmm, it can only be better than you had in your head, right…RIGHT!!!


Thanks @SIGSTART! :grin:


More like this seeing how big your feet are :stuck_out_tongue:


That was pretty great


Thank you all for doing that - that was even more epic than I’d hoped. And thanks Jan for the quality camera and editing job (you might want to work on your sound man skills though :smiley: )


That was very cool.


HEY! Where are my royalties!?!?


If you send me the Kitty (and true) mascot image I’ll make you a standard intro to use on future videos


Yay I was right on my guessed, I did get Metalsoup right, but Friedpet, Tom and the other unknowns I had no idea.


Thats what I thought @Flex would look like.



(Yes it is a complete sentence)


Nice work Jan!


HA! You guys were literally across from where I live. (I wasn’t there that weekend, but I still live there). Looks like you guys had a blast - nice one!




Candlewoods? I don’t have money! No, the new estate that’s being built up there, Golden Fields.


Ah ok, I know the place well. One of our newest shareholders (he’s been with the company since inception, so we gave him shares) lives in Candlewoods. We used to carpool to clients where we worked together for about 4 years. We stopped now due to our new baby, but the security guards at Candlewoods still know me well. :smile:


It’s a lovely area - and we have access to 22 restaurants on Mr Delivery. #winning