Keyforge - a 2 player card game

A friend of mine has been keen to get me involved in the card game Keyforge. The other day Takealot had a really good price on the starter set (about a third of the regular price) so I took the plunge and although I’ve played just a few games I’m enjoying it a lot!

So what is Keyforge?

KeyForge is a two-player card game in which each player takes the role
of an Archon, and leads that Archon’s deck against their opponent.
A player’s deck represents a team that is attempting to gain Æmber and
forge keys. The first player to gather three keys is able to unlock a Vault
and win the game.
The defining feature of KeyForge is that no two decks are alike. This is
not a trading card game—you cannot craft a deck. Rather, each deck
must remain as it is. Every deck in existence is unique!

So the big premise here is that there is no deck building/optimising etc. Each deck is procedurally generated from a pool of cards categorised into “houses”. Each unique deck will consist of cards from 3 houses. Some decks will be naturally stronger, or weaker so part of the fun is figuring out how to best utilise the deck in order to beat your opponent.

I’m not the biggest fan of deck building and following metas etc. so Keyforge really works for me. The focus is on the gameplay which I find the most fun. Each turn tends to shift the balance of power and so far the games I’ve played have been enjoyably close.

Any other card game players here? Anyone tried Keyforge?


I must admit I’ve never gotten into any card game. Closest was when I used my friends pokemon deck in school.

Neither had I. I remember the guys into Pokemon and Magic at school. It never really drew me in though. Admittedly I wouldn’t have even known of Keyforge or glance at it unless my friend, who really enjoys his board games and card games, had encouraged me to try it out.

A friend of mine got us into KeyForge awhile ago. We haven’t played in months, but it was great fun!

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