Logo and visual identity redesign


ok last one, cause im going to class shortly


double entendre…


Since mygaming is back on the cards


[Mod’s note: This is apropos @Wyvern’s post in the name meta discussion topic]

instead of a rhino we can now have cat!! Yay!!! :smiley:


No the rhino has to stay. He’s the mascot.


please no, it must be a cat


Rhinos are endangered.




I also want the cat. Rhino’s are only endagered because they’re stupid idiots, just like pandas. :smirk_cat:


This cat?

Or I guess we still have to avoid copyright.



is nyan cat copyrighted ?


Rhino and cat doing a high-five over the “.” In


I have no creative skill anymore so can’t really make a graphic, also i am at work right now


If Rhino goes I go!


It is increasingly looking like we’ll have to settle this like we did in the old days as civilised folk.

By Deathmatch.


Bring it! Think I have a pretty good chance to get my Rhino then :stuck_out_tongue:


We haven’t named the game yet, so don’t get too cocky :wink:


Dammit I thought like the old days Gladiator Death Match :frowning:
Well we can do it new school as well. CSGO or PUBG as well!


Exactly! The old days! Like Doom 2 and Duke Nukem 3D!


Skies oom maar wat is daai wat oom van praat? Klink soos n tiepe pasta wat my ouma grootjie altyd gemaak het