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Quake Deathmatch. And we all have to play over dialup modems.

Bring it!

And make sure your mothers use the phone at some point during the game


I will be the official cheerleader - since quake will cause a very nasty side effect :stuck_out_tongue:



We can give a cat a horn and call it a UNICAT!!!



(Post must be atleast 10 charachters)


Or contain an awesome image macro of Grumpy Cat saying no.


Can we just leave the cats? There are enough cats on the internet.


No techno kitty will prevail


Not while I have the ability to type it won’t.


I will cut you

Most Epic Mascot Battle --- rhinos vs. cats

Ek en Wyvern vlieg nou op en sy bliksem vir jou.


Wyvern love my sy sal niks doen nie…


Then I’ll do it.


Ag come at me Mr slender man :smile:


I will actually fly yup to see that fight ! my monies is on wenzie


I’m afraid you will be eating those badly chosen words.


Chances are but still!


Yoh…Cut me deep Wyv. Cut me real deep.

Which incidentally is what Wenz wanted to do to me in the first place.


But see Murph, its because you left me aaaaaaalllllllllllll alone on mygaming when you got blocked at work, I have to side with Wenzie!


Correction WILL do to you…


which FPS, last one standing gets to choose :wink: