Most Epic Mascot Battle --- rhinos vs. cats


Rhinos or cats? Which is more worthy of being our mascot? Perhaps a combination? That is the question that I fear will plague our little site for all eternity.

On the one hand, rhinos are noble and endangered beasts. On the other hand, cats are cute and the initialism for Most Epic Win is MEW.

To settle this fight without (digital) bloodshed, I call for an image-off!

Should no clear winner emerge, we will have no choice but to play a Most Epic tournament of deathmatch Ski Free.

(RE: the discussion from Logo and visual identity redesign)

Team Rhino or Team Cat

I’ll get us started.

Unicat and Kittencorn

Lest I be accused of being biased, I present the best of both worlds!

Unrealistic Beauty Standards Rhino

Techno Cat

Techno Cat




Kittencorn FTW


I’ve made my thoughts known- cats on the internet are almost gratingly overused - i mean i love the things but let us stand apart from the rest with our rhino which is a relevant animal to S.A.

I can’t believe I’m having this conversation.


I would actually also say I’m part of the #RhinoMasterRace in this one.


Bow before MEW!


Ja i just cant believe you cant let it go…


Speak for yourself Ice Queen :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t believe that this is actually a discussion! WTFBBQFML!


Neither can I. Just had make my point known.

Like, let the rhinos have his one.



rhino-clipart-sketch-20images (1)images (2)images (3)images (4)images


I don’t think more would be necessary…

Now do we need this kind of behavior linked to our community?





I really love cats…but the Rhino is the winner in my books. As mentioned above, its more unique and identifies us as SAFFERS!


Sjoh think we need to be careful with that made up word you got there. 1 small type could make things very awkward!


Dude - its an international accronim for south africans - They call us Saffas/saffers in the uk and aus and nz


Doesn’t matter. I still cringe slightly whenever I hear it regardless.


hehehe true but i still use it . . .