Most Epic Mascot Battle --- rhinos vs. cats


Never heard that before in my life :slight_smile:


Really? It’s a pretty common word. Virtually all ex-pats and so in Australia or New Zealand are called Saffas.


I’d prefer rhinos over cats. However, what about a whale? I mean whales never get used as logos and they are such majestic creatures.



Nobody can agree on rhino or cat, so we become a WHALE!!!

MEWbalaena australis, or otherwise knows as the Southern MEWback Whale


No guys dammit. Don’t be silly now. The Rhino stays. Finish en klaar


It seems there are many whale logos… and they all look awesome!


Docker uses a whale, and Twitter used the (in)famous Fail Whale, but other than that whales get no mascot love.

(Aside: Digital Ocean uses a fat shark :smiley:.)


Hmmmm it sucks that whales are used often too. So…


Rhino it is then!


As an avid Warframe player, I approve. Is there some uniquely South Africa tuber we can use instead, though?


Grant Hinds will probably sue if we use his likeness. Seriously I thought tuber was a short name for youtuber and was surprised when I googled the word. You learn something new every day.


Yes. From the previous posts I interpreted the same thing.


Note to self: investigate adding “LOL” reaction as a post liking option.


Both damnit, rhino and cat gaming together showing no matter who you are, where you are from, or how big or how small you are, gaming is for everyone, and everyone should be allowed to enjoy it


Yes! We need LOL reactions!


And sad reacts for all cat fans when the rhino becomes mascot.


My friend has YouTube channel with a whopping 100 subs and all he does is play ark and pubg because he is young and hasn’t discovered any decent games yet.

Actually he’s old and hasn’t discovered any decent games yet


He gets R46 every time you say his name

edit - apologies for epic multi posting


Yeah the one thing threaded reply forum software still needs to figure out is multi-reply.


Can’t we all just get along?