Most Epic Mascot Battle --- rhinos vs. cats


Not pictured: the cat scratching that rhino calf in face 2 seconds later.


I’m a dog person myself… But cat goes “mew”, so I’d have to say cat. It also makes it easier to identify with the internet / geek culture and might make it easier to attract an international audience, seeing as we’re not limited to a TLD…


It saddens me that I can’t find anything better than the Magical kittencorn. That is my pick btw.


Look, I have nothing against Rhinos, but the website abbreviation is MEW. The literal sound a cat makes…

But ok, if not one or both then why not neither…


My one regret is that I have but one like to give.

Note to self: investigate adding “super likes”. So as not to make Tinder angry we’ll call it our Ulti or something.






Nickelodeon will destroy us all

I do however agree with this statement


“Jou broer kan dit nie kry nie, so nou mag nie een van julle kry nie” >.<


Well we’re dangerously close to a stalemate. Therefore a tie breaker needs to be brought in the event that no one can agree.



I’ll install Quake Championship then…





I can’t see why we can’t have as many mascots as we want, as long as they all use a consistent art style.

This kind of made me think of this image for some reason.


I can get onboard with that. i think it would be quite cool if it changes ever day or so


Shhh! Stop giving away my ideas!


I LITERALLY had the same idea seconds seconds before Metalsoup posted that.
Funny how life works hey?


…that is going to be a branding nightmare


Brand consciousness is for sellouts. Or people who need food and water every day to survive.

I am sustained by the blood of my enemies and the tears of their children.


nobody asked you murph



Wenz does our friendship have to end this way? Me, triumphant and happy and you with a fork in your head?