Team Rhino or Team Cat


Continuing the discussion from Most Epic Mascot Battle — rhinos vs. cats:

A magniflorious day for MEW! For from today, you my signal your allegiance to either Team Cat, or Team Rhino, and display your colours proudly on your avatar.

Everyone has been randomly assigned to a team. You may cross the floor in the Groups area. You may only be part of one team! I will be watching for dirty, dirty cheaters!

Bookface for MEW

Just like that no consequences?


It is up to the teams to decide what the consequences might be.

(For now, people should just choose the teams they like, I think :slight_smile:)


A mystery third team for filthy traitors


I’m on team Owl it seems. Quite fitting, seeing how wise I am.


Birds of a feather it seems…


Everyone’s a critic…


Kitten attack!


I wanted to join team Rhino. Rhino’s are cool. But that rhino mascot looks like he’s high on CAT. Who would pick that over an orange cat with a horn?


Team Rhino for the win!!!


I find it very unfair that Team Cat gets an awesome unicorn kitty, while Team Rhino has to suffice with a derpy owl-rhino hybrid.

Come to think of it, an actual owl-rhino hybrid would be amazing


SInce the national ice hockey team is the Rhinos, gotta go Team Rhino!


Good man. We have good people in our group


Team Rhino ! the cat is blasphemy


Kittens for life!


Team Rhino!


Yoh, I’m on Team Cat.
The Team Cat logo sortoff looks like a Pokemon so I can dig that.

Meanwhile, I’ve found a Cat Dragon


How can you not love cat dragons?


Why not both :frowning: guess i wil switch to cat then since it looks better


like an owlbear but with rhinos