Looking for a golf game

Looking for a good golf game for my xbone.
I’m not too phased about franchise as I see only two are available. I just want to play a couple rounds of golf. Anybody here play Golf games and could shoot some suggestions my way

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you have powerstar golf (poor mans everybody’s golf)
Rory Mcclroy pga tour - a cut down tiger woods title in content
golf club 2 - you can make your own course a slightly harder game than rory mcclroy

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I play a few round of Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. It’s a fun game, albeit a much more shallow game than the previous PGA Tour games that features Tiger. But it does have a nice variety of courses, including St. Andrews, the gameplay is slick and fun, and the game can be as challenging as you want to make it for yourself.

Then you can always look at The Golf Club as well. It’s a game that lets you build courses. Perhaps it’s too focused on the course building, because gameplay is a bit lacking, and the rounds aren’t as fun as Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. But it’s still a good game for a few rounds of casual golf.

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I see Rory McIlroy is on special at take a lot and I have take a lot credits. I might just start there.
The Golf Club looks awesome, but I dont play a huge amount of golf in real life.

Thanks for the answers

and this is how they look, if graphics is a factor

Powerstar Golf

Rory Mcclroy

Golf Club 2


Personally I’d suggest Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, funnily enough I actually enjoy playing the slightly older “Tiger Woods” titles on the Wii as it allows me to swing instead of pushing buttons


i still play tiger woods 12 religiously on my wii, best golf game ever imo

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must look for tiger on an xbone, had for the 360, only game that ever got stolen from me

Unfortunately Tiger is not available on Xbone. I have the last Tiger golf game that came out on the 360, and I’m waiting for that backward compatibility to become a thing.

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Wait… you can’t play older titles on newer consoles? Why are consoles popular at all then o_0


because my xbone 1tb cost me R2200. couldnt afford a gaming at that given time :rofl:

I’ve been yearning for a good golf game in the vein of Tiger Woods games for quite some time now and none of them seem to offer the depth of the career modes that they offered. I’ve scoured all the titles on Steam and find them all severely lacking. When reading reviews of Rory McIlroy I’m always concerned that it’s going to be terrible and shy away from buying it for the PS4. Would you guys recommend the game for a fan of older Tiger Woods games?

If you are looking for a golf game with good gameplay on a few courses, the Rory McIlroy will be enough for you. But it is simply no even nearly as deep or feature rich as Tiger is, and you will Dr disappointed in the game.

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That’s not what I wanted to hear… :frowning: Guess I’ll have to wait for a new installment in the EA golf series.

Thanks for the replies. Just bought Rory Mcilroy purely from a price point.
Should arrive thurs/fri

Physical media? What is this? 2002?

I live in a village in the drakensberg. Wifi is super expensive as it relies on bouncing a satellite signal, so yip. I like it physical

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Rory Mcilroy arrived on Friday. Only got to playing it last night.
Jumped straight into a round and didn’t like it. This morning did the tutorials and am now enjoying it.

What didn’t you like about it at first? I’m still torn about whether to get it or not. Everybody’s Golf seems too childish and I’m looking for something with a proper career mode, which The Golf Club seems to lack.

Initially it felt as if the game just required you to swing for each shot and you would get par if you made the putt. I was terribly wrong. After I learned how the game works it became a real goid chalkenge