Mafia 3.0 The Big Bang Theory

All Roles where put into a randomizer, no character role has any impact on the game whatsoever

Comicon 2018, the cast of the big bang theory are back stage getting ready to make their entrance onto the main stage. The fans are getting restless, but not as restless as Sheldon (@Wyvern) who is furiously wiping his hands with antiseptic gel and muttering about all the germs that will be in the auditorium.

3 mins to go and the support staff move out and on to their next jobs, the announcer in his booming voice is hyping the crowd up, the crowd is cheering and the cast of the Big Bang Theory are lining up to make their big entrance.

In his big booming voice the announcer shouts “Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome the cast of THE BIG BANG THEORY”

The crowd goes wild, Amy (@Talentloos) beaming from ear to ear, eager to get onto the stage pushes the swing door and walks into it. Just behind her Sheldon shouts “oh let me try”. The big swing door is locked.

Engineer Howard (@MalicE) assures the cast he has performed much more complicated procedures in space, but even he can’t get the door open.

The crowd in the next room starts booing, but the cast can do nothing to get out from back stage.

Leonard (@murfle) and Penny (@DieGrootHammer) do a quick recon and report back all the doors are locked. Stuart (@GregRedd) tries to call Howards mom, but no cell signal.

Bernadette (@DarthMol) scouts further, reports back there are identical dressing rooms for each cast member, and one bathroom all leading off the main corridor and one large room right at the end which is used to store stage props.

The cast moves over to the Prop room, immediately Stuart spots a bed, but Raj (@Flex) offers him $10 000 of his Daddy’s money for the bed.

Stuart stands their grinning this is the most money he has ever had in his life, but then it dawns on him. WTF are they going to do.

Aaaaaaaaand, the game is now open…

@GregRedd why would you try phone Howards mom when she is currently no longer living?

mod edit - i forgot she died

or is @GregRedd mafia and tried to trick us? He is talking to maf on the outside?

I move about the room, trying all the doors and windows.
We know its all locked but until I have tried them all I wont believe it.

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…I’m very confused

here we go again people

Or are you?

oh yeah and thanks for just ripping off my idea @Snowbeast. goddamn lazy bastard mod


so it’s an escape the room game? nobody dies?

I think some of the cast are mafia and locked us in to trap us


I agree, not sure who would do that to us,unless Amy aka Talentloos is plotting this. But then again she could be the innocent who just triggered the trap

I search the prop room for useful items

thats not how mafia works.

Maybe bruce can give us some direction here.

maybe I find a box…

oh sweet jebus.


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Give me a min -

_ The cast hear sobbing from the prop room. They find a crew member clutching a piece of paper. On it written, “the safe in the corner may or may not have a useful item. Solve this riddle, use each letters position in the alphabet to get the 4 digit code to the mod

What did the scientist say when he found 2 atoms of helium?

As they took the paper from the dying cast member his last words where. “there is a conspiracy here, some plan to keep you locked in here until you are driven crazy. The only way out is to kill the one in charge. Good Luck!”_