Legend in Their Own Time (MVP — "Member of the Year") awards acknowledgements and ideas

Continuing the discussion from Old MVP awards:

This was going to be a nominations thread, but it turned into something very different…

We haven’t done one of these in awhile and I wanted to find out from everyone if you would like to continue giving out the old “Member of the Year” award (renamed MVP because the innuendo is too obvious).

Something cool we can do now is have Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards/badges, so we can have first and second runners up, if you think that’s a cool idea.

Maybe you have other ideas for how to do this. Let’s have them in the discussion below.

Something to consider

There were a lot of people who contributed to the growth and continued success of MEW in the last year, and it almost feels wrong to single out just one person.

At the risk of offending people for not mentioning them, here are some folks who made a substantial contribution to MEW in the past year:

  • @Wyvern: Pitching in wherever she can, making everyone feel welcomed, organising, keeping the forum active (whether by shenanigans or just keeping the discussion flowing), and let’s not forget the annual institution of #secretsanta.
  • @Solitude: #gameclub, the annual Brute Force competition, and various other activities on the forum. He has also helped pay the vast majority of our server costs to help keep the site online, in exchange for a banner ad which he uses for the benefit of the community.
  • @DieGrootHammer: Not only passionate, but helping to give the community direction by forcing us to plan ahead. We aren’t always able to stick to the plan (sorry, man), but without his prompting there probably wouldn’t be one at all. It’s a cliché because it’s true — Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Let’s not forget MEW Multiplayer Evenings (a.k.a MEWME)!

And there are many others: @Entity, who found us a bit later in the year but still pitched in with a fury, is best known for being first to post in the morning, and last to post at night (usually, often, frequently :stuck_out_tongue:). He also runs regular Driveclub challenges, and helped set up our social media pages. He’s helped drive great engagement on our fledgling Instagram account.

Everyone who has written for the news/blog section and/or helped to edit: @DohcWP, @Wyvern, @DieGrootHammer, @Entity, @Wlad, @DarthMol, @GregRedd, @czc, @Beo (I hope I haven’t left anyone out — please let me know if I have!)

Everyone involved with making Mafia and other fun stuff for the community to do together happen.

The moderators: @Blazzok, @Beo, @czc, @Wyvern, @DieGrootHammer, @MetalSoup, @Solitude.

Those who have achieved “Regular” status: @CrONus, @Entity, @Deadlypinecone, @FriedPet, @GregRedd, @TechThief, @crzwaco, @DarthMol, @DohcWP, @Wlad, @wenzdayz, @czc, @Wyvern, @DieGrootHammer, @MetalSoup, and @Solitude.

And, not least, those regulars who have not yet become “Regular” in the eyes of Discourse —Everyone who visits every day, every other day, and every other-other day to check in, post, reply, like and generally participate. There are too many of you to list here, but the forum, and I, know who you are.

This really is a community, by and for its community.

Anyway! Here’s the poll. I’m also getting anxious of losing this post, so I’m going to publish it now, and edit later…

  • Keep it simple: One MVP, winner takes all. Chicken dinner. GG WP.
  • Have a bronze, silver, and gold award.
  • Let’s NOT have an MVP award and just have @SIGSTART (try to) acknowledge significant contributions to MEW every-so-often (every year or so).
  • Let’s HAVE an MVP award AND have @SIGSTART (try to) acknowledge significant contributions to MEW every-so-often (every year or so).
  • Let’s HAVE a gold, silver, and bronze MVP award AND have @SIGSTART (try to) acknowledge significant contributions to MEW every-so-often (every year or so). (You really like your toast buttered on both sides, eh?)
  • Something else (detailed in a reply to this topic below).

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I think to nominate ONE person per year only does not align itself with how we are as a community.
I believe we need to recognise those who have pulled more than their weight and made this forum better than average.

MVP is a great idea, awards throughout the year thank those who put that much extra effort in.
These could be suggested by the mods and approved by the forumanati who sit behind the curtain at the top of the MEW ranks making the real decisions


I like the idea of doing MVP again but please I can’t be nominated because I’m like @SIGSTART. He may run the site but I make sure he doesn’t step out of line and stuff.