Brute Force Competition 2019



Another year and our second brute force competition at MEW. Last year @czc, @DarthMol and @Wyvern ended up making it right to the end with @Wyvern walking away with the moneys. Congrats to all three of you!

This year things will work a bit different again.

The rules are:

  • You must either create a new thread each week or you must have at least 30 replies on other threads during the week.
  • For new threads, news threads are fine and for replies, it can be on any threads. It doesn’t even have to be unique threads. So this year is very easy compared to previous years.
  • You get 3 strikes. Miss a week and you get a strike. 3 strikes and you are out.
  • If you are going away on holiday please post in this thread at least a week before you go and when you’ll be going so that you won’t get any strikes.
  • A week starts on a Monday. You get until midnight on Sunday to create your threads or write your replies.

I am the organiser of this competition and my word is law. If I disqualify someone then my word counts. I won’t be unfair though. I mean the whole idea is to create discussion not have fights and things.

We need both participants and sponsors and yes you can be both. You don’t have to sponsor to participate. Please, if you struggle money wise then don’t sponsor. We know things are tough out there.

The competition starts on the 4th of February . All participants have to register before then. We will accept more sponsors during the year however. The competition ends on 2 December .

The winner is the person to last the longest without being knocked out. If there is more than one person still in it at the end then a random draw will decide the winner.

Please post if you would like to participate or sponsor.

Participants - Strikes
@czc - 1
@DarthMol - 1


@Blazzok - R200
@czc - R100
@DarthMol - R100
@DieGrootHammer - R100
@Solitude - R100
@Wyvern - R100

Total prize pool: R800

Legend in Their Own Time (MVP — "Member of the Year") awards acknowledgements and ideas

I like the new changes, it brings it more in line with the objective of the competition: to generate more traffic on the forum. The more people who can stay in the running the more activity we’ll see.

As usual, I am happy to participate. I will also chip in and sponsor R100 towards the prize pool. Maybe this year we could have 2 lucky winners if there is enough participation?


I will participate and sponsor R100.


I will also participate and sponsor R100.


Hell why not, let me participate and sponsor R100.


And I am in as well with R100 sponsorship and participation. :smiley:


I will spectate and sponsor none lol


If we can make it to R1000 then it’s maybe a good option. :slight_smile:


I barely get time to visit the forum these days, so I wont participate. I will however sponsor 2 hundy-sticks.


Thanks everyone for their participation and sponsorships! The more the merrier.


Anyone else want to join in?


I’m always up for a challenge!


Mooi! Glad to hear it.


When are we starting


4th of February. Or we can actually start sooner maybe. What do you guys think?


Entirely up to you guy - Im my head I am trying to do it as it is :stuck_out_tongue:


@crzwaco you in this year?
@Flex gonna come back and leave the past behind?


Afraid not been really not active anymore.


Now’s your time to be active again! :smiley:


@Flex, where are you? We miss you!