Market Place


I am not sure what you guys think of this @SIGSTART , but might be nice to have a small market place on here. Should not be the core of the site, but I think lots of people on here have built relationships with others here and trust each other.

So having a Sale, wanted and even trade sections might be awesome.
especially for console games that have been played and finished and stuff like that.

Can have a few member be mediators even if need be to make it safer when dealing with new people.

Any 2c about it would be welcome :slight_smile:


Excellent Idea. Looking at other sites such as Carbonite and SA Gamer, a big part of their traffic is due to sales and trades and would be great for us to implement something similar on MEW. With the user levels, specific trades and sales can be limited and managed via that as well. I think it’s something we definitely need.


I do however think it should not become the core of the site like Carbonite as I mentioned, as it can become very toxic and waaayy too serious very quickly. But can be a nice addition.

We have people on here with lots of knowledge on hardware and so on, so mediating and making it a safe place can easily be done


Sure and you’re right, it should not become a core part. What I just thought of was that it is a driver of traffic, and can be very beneficial to the site, if moderated correctly.

So, how will we start this then?


Well I think we first get a few Mods/Mediators to over see the Market section on its own.
Can a Trust/iTrader system be implemented @SIGSTART ?
And then perhaps start off with small things such as games and small hardware.

One thing on carb we have been doing recently which is awesome is called PIF (Pay it Forward). So you give away an item, and anyone can claim it. The person that claimed it need to put something else up on PIF within 24 hours.


Like this:


Instead of just making it a thread. We make a separate section. One single thread will not suffice


If that thread was active to the point that nobody could keep up I would agree, but it’s practically dead, and I don’t see the point of an entire dead section. It never took off on MyGaming when they tried it there, and MyGaming has thousands of users.


Because it is so far down, I did not even know about it. I have have Tons of things to either give away or sell such as mouse pads and such.

I feel for the same reason it never took off on MyGaming. Stuff like PIF was never implemented and there was not a separate section and did not receive much attention.
Can have a Game Club section which will almost work like a book club. Finish a game, swap it for another and pass it along. As long as each person throws in a game.

It can be done and will bring more active people in my opinion.


There was in fact a separate section, and yes it didn’t receive any attention, because it was pointless.


Was there not a few threads within the hardware section if I am not mistaken?

I guess that is why I made this thread. So that people can say what they think.

*Jup, it was only a thread as far as I can see.
It should be made visible at all times to make it effective.

For example

Market Place
and in there have Wanted, Sale, Trade, PIF threads or something of the sort. Those who come from Carb or have been there will know what I mean


I’ll look into it, but Discourse’s built-in Trust Level system might do the job just fine. Like people can start buying at Trust Level 1, but only start selling at Trust Level 2 or something like that.

I love this idea. MyBroadband has a thread like that, and I think MyGaming had one as well. Plus the PIF thread can live in the marketplace section and help drive activity.

This is a fair point. Inactive categories aren’t as big an eyesore on Discourse as they are on vBulletin, but the appearance of activity begets activity. If something looks dead to someone they will assume it is.

However, if we can have the community giveaways (Steam group), sponsored giveaways, PIF topic, and perhaps stores like RebelTech running in that section then it might be enough to tick over nicely.

If it doesn’t work then reintegrating everything back into Off Topic is actually pretty easy in Discourse.


I would be really careful of implementing a dedicated for sale section. Carbonite already exists and is established, and they have the itrader system in place and everything and yet scams still happen every few days where people lose their money.

It might need some discussion before we do that here, but I am a sceptic based off of what I’ve seen happen on Carb.

Sure the trust level system can work for us I suppose, where you can only sell up to a value of say R1000 if you are Level 2, and Level 3 has no limit, but that again might discourage new people from selling. I suppose we can try it out, but for now I am a sceptic.


I am on carb Daily, have done over 70 deals. All those getting scammed are new members with 0 itrade and joined a week ago. You can have a look. You can get scammed on Facebook, Youtube… damn even HuisGenoot if you are stupid enough.
That is why i proposed mediators when dealing with new and “not trusted” members. Ezpz


i agree with you. its a nice to have section but as Carbonite already has a system in place that works reasonably well i dont think we should go into it just yet.


How many people on here would rather prefer to trade games and similar things on here with people they know than go to Carbonite though?


games is one thing but actual hardware or physical things i would rather go to Carb for. Sure i would also post my items i want to sell/ give away on here, but my main place to add it will be Carb


Guess that is fair. That is why this was only a suggestions.
I personally think it is a good way of getting constant traffic of guys looking for stuff. It won’t start off big, it has to grow.

Do not think I have ever seen you on Carb that I know of


hahaha im there i lurk for deals and i bought my new pc there and i created a thread for my LED issue


I bought my pc and my screen at Carbonite. There’s some amazing deals if you strike it lucky.