Mew Capies Burger Night



So tomorrow night @SIGSTART is available for food

Since he has no car, we shall meet up at

I am working till 7, so you all can get together beforehand or we can meet about 7:30?

Im not sure who is all in Cape Town as of right now -

@MalicE, @Talentloos, @SIGSTART, @Nimatek, @DohcWP, @BeoTeK, @CrONus (if you know of anyone else?)

Who is interested?


Sounds great but won’t be making it. Have fun you guys! :smile:


Will give you an update shortly before the end of the day. Should be able to make it.


Ja I’ll confirm before COB as well


Well there is a table booked in my name, I just wanted to check if you lot wanted smoking or not


Dam if only I wad closer.


If only people in jhb were not so suspicious :rofl:


Enjoy it Slaapstad people!


Ok I’ll see you tomorrow night


Yeah will see you there with Wayne.


Yay so 5 of us :smiley:


6th person will be there in spirit


Can we Skype in and join remotely?


I have no idea what you mean.



Im tempted to say yes lol
You guys who cant be there will be missed


Just realised I haven’t posted in this thread yet. Confirming that I will be attending the burger night I instigated (and which @Wyvern has kindly arranged!) :stuck_out_tongue:


Ek se niks :stuck_out_tongue:

We will see you guys there :smiley: The table is booked for 7:15, I know I will get there closer to 7:30. Im trying to figure out where to park there as well. I never know where to park in town.


I usually just grab the nearest parking on the street.


Yea but this is Long Street parking is a premium :stuck_out_tongue:


I know! Surprisingly I’ve always found street parking when visiting Royale Eatery in the past.

I’m just saying… seek and ye shall find :stuck_out_tongue: