Mew Capies Burger Night



JA ja pa, We will be there, I finish work at 7, then picking up Nima and on our way :smiley: So save us a space - I have email confirmation that the table is booked. The whole place is no smoking and no e-devices.


I’m also in Cape Town. But maybe next time.


See I didnt know that - you are more than welcome to join if you can


Fancy city people with burger restaurants. Out here fast food is hard to catch - unless you have a rifle, that slows em down a bit


On the plus side, no parking issues


no, with a bull bar and sump guard you can go anywhere and shoot anything :laughing:

I talk all big, I do hunt, but I spend more time hunting poachers.


I do like their honesty in the emails
In terms of parking you should be able to find a space near Royale . If there are no parking bays there is parking in Loop street , but I would not recommend walking back to your car alone at night in loop. It’s best to park in Long.

Hope you have a wonderful day and we look forward to seeing you all later.


I am here. They put the people with reservations upstairs where it seems to be more chill.


I am also here.

Playing games far away ish


Enjoy everyone!


Thanks, everyone. It was great to hang out.



I think I know who every person in that pic is.


Since I’ve never been to anything social MEW or MyG. I have no idea who anyone on the pic is lol. But I think I can take a stab at which one is Wyvern.


Man wish I could be there. Not only do I know everyone in the picture, I’ve party HARD with the majority of those in the picture.


Hahaha I think its kinda obvious :stuck_out_tongue:
SIGSTART is the one who cleverly framed the picture by almost cutting himself out, Malice is in red, Talentloos is the one with the beard and Nimatek is the one at the end.

It was great fun, I always forget how amazing you lot are in real life as well.

Hammer, you were missed.


Oh so now I’m just a beard! Shame on you.


I’m so sorry I missed this, please accept my most humble apologies @SIGSTART and @Wyvern.


Bad @BeoTeK! You just straight ignored me every time I mentioned this to you on whatsapp. Could have at least replied.


5 demerit points and you should stand in the corner facing the wall and wear a pointy hat for an hour.


I don’t even recall seeing that! OMG! Another apologies.

Also, I’m generally stuck in meetings most day, please @ me or even DM me instead. Though not your responsibility, but I do appreciate you trying to call me out.


Pfft every time you wrote stuff almost directly after. Just ignoring me.