MEW Gardening Thread


Im gonna have to get some fermicide or diathane as there are some mould forming on my pumpkin leaves


That pumpkin flower looks like something from a horror movie.




fEeD mE sEyMoRe!




AWESOME! I went to sotdels a few weeks ago and asked them for their hydroponics nutrients and grow mediums and they all just stood and stared at me. Trying to sell me some shit you give roses to grow saying its the exact same thing. idiots.


Powder mildew, cut off infected leaves and water a little less


My habanero plants are starting to flower :smiley:


Awesome just be aware they do take a bit longer than other peppers to grow.


I should have posted my dying tomato plants before ripping them out. They were covered in white and the leaves kept falling off.


So I think I’ve gone a bit overboard… I now have 4 habanero plants, a yellow trinidad scorpion, white fatali, some random pepper plant that was supposed to be a firecracker plant (but the peppers are too big, was probably mislabelled), 4 types of mint, and a wide range of seeds… And I’m trying to get approval to build a greenhouse.


First fruit off my Yellow Trinidad Scorpion plant!

Had it alongside a grilled cheese

These things are between 350k and 400k Scoville, so its nothing compared the the Reaper @Flex ate, but it still made me stomp the floor and gargle milk. Definitely the hottest pepper I’ve eaten to date. When you get peppers in the store, they were picked before being fully ripe, and then ripened off the plant, so fresh ones will always be more potent.


Good imagery, I saw that clearly in my minds eye


Of ALL the Checkers mini garden seeds that were growing… 1 Weed plant is the ONLY think left…
And it HAPPENS to be a Female… I water Mildred every evening and take off her dead and damaged leaves. I need to move her into a bigger apartment this weekend though, her current accommodation is getting too small.


Anyone have some cool house plants that can go into the windowsill? Was looking at a peace lilly and a Bromeliad.

also soon will have some habaneros.


We have peace lilies. Beautiful plants. But arent they a bit big for a windowsill? How big is the space?


You get some beautiful succulents as well


Nice! I found my habaneros took FOREVER to ripen. One is ripe now, but I’m waiting to pick it to eat it straight when my tooth heals up…

Thankfully, I have a bunch of new peppers that just started, only I hope they’ll make it, since the weather is cooling down, and my greenhouse still needs a lot of work before I can get it up and running.


I agree with Donsie, succulents are fun and pretty!

I have a small ficus that I am keeping small.