MEW Gardening Thread


Hello MEW green thumbs!

I’m a noob when it comes to gardening, but the thought of growing my own food intrigues me.

Please share your garden pics, tips, tricks, questions, etc here!


I have the furthest thing from green thumbs, everything I’ve ever planted has died. I’m living with my mom now though and she has the magic touch so I thought it would be a good time to grow a weed plant. Only planted the seed yesterday though.


I used to have 12 bonsai trees, had spent about 6 years on them. I moved from the coast inland and they all died.

I am ritually chopped off my green thumb. It hurt so much.


I got myself 4 Habanero seedlings last week. I transplanted one into a planter that already had a potting soil/compost/sand/soil mix which was already wet, and it is going well so far.

The others, not so much.


I showed my mom these pics and she said you have to put like a saucer type thing underneath your pots to keep the water there so the plants don’t dry out so easily.


I don’t think its possible to grow stuff in pots on a balcony. Everything dies!


I just recently bought a house and the garden was in a state. I had high hopes to get my saturday morning garden/garage ritual going. But I am lazy so i never did. I bought a weedeater and a lawnmower and both are still sitting in the boxes.

I think the previous owner kind of gave up with the drought in cape town and everything died. I recently discovered I have a borehole and I got some help from my brother inlaw and installed an automated irrigation system that now covers the garden. I have tried to get the grass resurrected again. but to now avail. It is coming in extremely patchy and it is irritating the shit out of me. So the plan is now to put new grass in.

There has sprouted a beautiful lily in one of the corners that has given me tremendous joy.

The rest of the garden beds were overgrown and has also gone to shit. I got someone in to come and clean everything up and for the first time in 4 months i can see the actual soil. I have no idea of what to plant yet.

I am hoping as time progresses I get more into it to make my garden look like how i envision it in my head. Only time and money will tell i suppose.


@Talentloos Jy kort die boek :


Best tip ever, take pictures of plants that you see that you like, go visit your local nursery and ask them to help you - those guys are normally great


Everything I touch turns brown, then black. So I gave up on gardening a long time ago. Really, when I did career-choosing tests back in school, anything to do with plants was at the bottom.


Thanks. I know what she is talking about. Although I’ve read that habaneros like to dry out a little every second day, it helps them toughen up or something, but I’m pretty sure I’ll need them for my mint.

I think the biggest problem is I transplanted those last 3 into new soil that was too dry, and put them in full sunlight right away instead of the recommended 1 hour for the first week…


See the irony is I also kill plants, but I tested off the charts for plants and stuff. I started out my studies after school in Landscape Architecture. But I dropped out - I don’t have the passion for it.


My only plant - trying a fake bonsai


I decided to try my hand at gardening and to ensure that nothing dies (because it was my first time), i just planted lots of desert plants. It’s been two years and everything i planted is still alive :rofl:


We recently got an electric chainsaw, and now I’m on a mission to destroy (or at least cut back) every unwanted tree in the garden. There are so many of them.


This is true for many plants, but as good measure, just research each plant type prior to having the roots soaked in water/water rich earth. Some root systems die quickly or rot when their roots are constantly wet. A good telltale sign is a green plant’s leaves turning yellow (not foolproof, but dependable).


@Wyvern Is that fake?? it looks legit real.


They will be fine just don’t over water now that they are that dry. yeah with chilies if they stress their peppers are hotter in the end.

I normally don’t like leaves as a ground cover since they always seem to attract ants here. Normally have bark to keep the ground wet.

I miss my garden that is for sure :frowning:


It’s a real ficus, I just have no idea what I am doing to keep it tiny and need it to branch out a bit more


We have a vege garden, flower garden and attempting to bonsai :grinning: have multiple pepper and avo plants going (among many others). If you wanna grow a vegetable, grow tomatoes, they grow like mad and dont need a lot of attention