MEW Giveaways



Hoping for getting over it!!!


I’ve not received this yet, should I be worried? :pensive:


yea lemme check again - pm sent

According to humble it was sent


I have also not received anything as of yet. So maybe just a delay


yea humble is weirdly slow at the moment, some got sent immediately others have a delay - why no idea


Ooh nice, definitely entering this one


Thanks @GregRedd


Nothing on my end yet either, but no stress. Will wait until tomorrow night-ish and then mark it as received anyway so that your account doesn’t get a strike.

The Humble “gift to friend” thing is notoriously dodgy. I stopped relying on it and now just “Show Key”, copy pasta the key and game name into a notepad doc and then add the key directly into SteamGifts when I create a new GA. Seems to work a lot better.


Would this not give you a problem with steamgifts? As you won a key but not redeemed on steam (Seen as redeemed elsewhere perhaps)


Actually don’t know. Don’t think they’d care too much. Maybe the Gifter would have an issue with it if they checked. I know I’ve marked something as Recieved and only actually activated the key a day or two later without issue. That was a good while ago though so maybe something’s changed since then.


Radd, thanks @Wyvern


Whomever wins Dark Souls 3 should play it immediately. One of the best games ever!


I’ve never touched a Dark Souls game…


Once you’ve played one and gave it a good proper chance, then nothing else compares to it. Other games feel dull in comparison.


I honestly tried and couldn’t buy into the hype. I gave the first game around 2-3 hours and the third one also around 2 hours. Both times I hated the experience. I guess the whole “You died” mechanic just doesn’t do it for me. I understand you’re supposed to “git gud” and all that, but losing progress due to a minor mistake or unfair hit or positioning of the enemy or your character on the map is just infuriating.

It’s the same reason I stopped playing Hollow Knight - I lost thousands of geo I was saving up to buy stuff at the vendor, but my shade ended up hovering over some spikes where the only way I could kill it was pogo-ing with my needle to get to it. I didn’t manage to kill the shade and recover my geo, so I lost hours worth of progression in geo collection. I haven’t touched the game since.


You only played 2 to 3 hours? Ha, I played the first Dark Souls for something like 40 hours and then gave up. Then tried it again a couple of years later, this time with some more information on how to play it.

And then the world opened up to me.

3 hours isn’t enough to learn the game mechanics. It’s the complexity that makes you come back for more but first you will have to get through the learning phase. Because you really do “git gud” and it changes everything.

It’s like moving into a higher level of consciousness.


@Wyvern do not think i have received anything yet


Humble is pissing me off, I have sent them a mail asking why its taking so long to send out the gifts - dunno if it is because some of them come from VERY old bundles


Do you have the keys themselves?
You can just enter them on Steam Gifts as well instead of having them mailed


Because I selected to mail it- humble wont show me the keys Its what I am trying to get them to do for me I will def do it with the next lot, just using the keys