MEW Giveaways



Ironically, Souls games can actually be very easy (apart from Boss fights). This is because you can always cheese the enemies. They are in static locations, so you can either run pat them, or you can trigger and bait them. I’m not saying its easy at first, but I’m saying that once you get comfortable, you will be farming in areas you were once getting your ass kicked. Thats the addictive gameplay loop.

Anyways, much as I would have loved to enter the competition, I already played the game on Xbone and PS, so I shall skip. Congrats to whoever is the lucky fish that wins it!


Watched many speed runs it sounds like?


Has any of you received anything?


It’s a no from me



(10 Chars)


Ok I have a support ticket open with humble, I feel extremely guilty for mailing the codes from them - next lot will be keys


Got it just now, thanks!


Same here! THanks Wyvie


Yay thanks for letting me know


For the rest please let me know if you got it or not - they did resend them to you all plus I have special links incase you dont get the mail


Boom, got it. Thanks again.


Got mine too! Thanks again Wyv!


i won! yaaay


That game seems like SO MUCH FUN


i know right? its the only one i entered as well, i think :smiley:


Emily is Away Too - @DarthMol
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy - @Mottamort (there was 5 entries :P)
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - @Flex
Geometry Wars™ 3: Dimensions Evolved - @GregRedd
DARK SOULS™ III - @MetalSoup
Furi - @Flex

Congrats guys!


Awesome, thank you very much!


Did the keys get sent?


Yup yup they did


Buy a donkey!!