MEW Giveaways



Got a couple of winners too:

Tacoma = NebulaProphet aka @FriedPet
Snake Pass = FlexSA aka @Flex

Congrats. Keys should be on your SG profiles.


Yip. Sent, redeemed, and marked as received. So much easier than the other way!



Thank you!


Thank you @GregRedd


I still haven’t received any email for Hearts of Iron :frowning:


Im nagging them


How does one get in on this?


Need to join the MEW steam group, then Join the MEW Steam Giveaway group


step 1: Join MEW Steam Group
step 2: Enter MEW Group Giveaways on SteamGifts
step 3: Profit.
step 4: Create your own GAs for the group to reciprocate when you can.


Great thanks.

Requested to join the steam group


Will add you if no one else has


Does this work?

First attempt at a give away

Thanks for the pms and help


ok, i didn’t do the whitelist/steamgroups option but rather a private give away.
I’ll try on the next one
according to the FAQ I have to paste the URL which is above


Looks that way… it’s step 6 in the Create GA thing:

Invite Only will be fine for this one. Only issue might be if a non-MEW person spots the link in here. If that happens, so be it.


This game is really rather good. All the best to whoever enters!

Also, I am probably going to be giving away more stuff from the FANATICAL bundle, so stay tuned.



Wow, you guys really have some nice giveaways these days. I may enter for some of these tonight.


Been trying to get to level 2 for quite some time. But think the Giveaways I have had were not really that great to get enough points I think


Ah flip. Sorry.
I checked. Can’t change it unless I delete and create the giveaway again.
I realise now we seldom get points for the giveaways we create here:

What is contributor value?
Contributor value is a number that estimates the value of your giveaways within our community. When you give away a game, and the winner marks your gift as “Received”, the value of the game is added to your contributor value. If your giveaway was assigned “No Value”, or “Reduced Value”, the value of the game would be adjusted prior to being added. There are also two other factors that may influence the value of your giveaway.

After you give away a game 5 times (whether in the same giveaway, or in multiple giveaways), it will begin decreasing in value. The value is decreased by 10% for each additional copy. This means if you decide to give away 8 copies of a $10 game, it would add $74.39 (10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 9 + 8.10 + 7.29) to your contributor value. This has little effect on the majority of users, but prevents individuals from receiving a high contributor value from gifting a large number of promotional gifts, games obtained through pricing errors, or keys from contacting game developers.

If a giveaway is invite only, region restricted, or limited to a whitelist or Steam group, it will only add contributor value if it receives 5 or more entries. This is in place to prevent small groups of friends from attempting to cheat the contributor system, and to encourage users to expand the reach of their giveaways. The whitelist feature offers an easy way to target a larger audience, and you can combine it with small Steam groups to receive a greater number of giveaway entries if needed.