MEW Giveaways



No no don’t worry! This gives more insensitive for people to enter giveaways!!




Yup, as when there are not more than 5 entries then the person doing the GA will not get any XP to level


Hahahaha damn auto correct. Should be incentive =D


I struggle with this personally. Do I enter your GA to help make sure you get at least 5 entries and the Level boost you deserve for doing a giveaway, even if it’s a game I probably wont ever play? And if I do enter and I win, then I feel a bit crap for receiving a game that someone else who entered genuinely would have appreciated more than me.


I only enter if they dont reach the number, otherwise I dont bother, the chances of me winning is slim to none. Especially with you lot who win it all :stuck_out_tongue:


easy, then mark as received and give it to that person anyway :slight_smile: You get the key, not forced to used it on your account


Nope it has to go to the persons account that won it.


Really? I did not know that? How can they see and regulate that?


Not sure, but I remember we had someone entering in the past who didnt add it to his account, they ban you from steam gifts - not sure if it still is regulated tho


I cant search for the thread now, myg is not even loading for me


Yeah they are strict on you have to activate the games that you win.

Also I only enter if it’s a game that I want to play. My backlog is just too big. :slight_smile:


Dampi, won some games from me that he didnt add but regifted to ppl off the site.

Also, lvl 5 is easy to reach. My last giveaway was 2 years ago and i’m still lvl 5. Just give away non bundled games :wink:
I’m rather proud of my giveaway list, despite being burned a few times…


On small groups like this no. Less than 5 entries and you do not get any points to level


You guys must just start giving away proper games! Stop with this bundle $^%#


True, but even then there are rarely more than 5 entries per game


Its because the group is just too small, but we need more


Yeah, but I’m also sure most people (myself included) won’t enter for something they don’t really want.


Yeah, just need more people to get involved


So what are you waiting for?!?!?!