MEW Giveaways



I am involved dammit! :stuck_out_tongue: STOP SHOUTING AT ME


The biggest problem at the moment is that we are a bit on the older side and I think many of us don’t have the time. There’s so many things that I’d like to do with MEW and I’d love to be active and such. But my time is so limited.

We need people with lots of time who can be passionate about MEW and make it great.


I don’t qualify as I am old as well :confused:


@Solitude, @Flex
Is the issue no time or too old? They don’t necessarily go together.
I’d like to think I’m not old, but I don’t have time


To me it feels like the older I get the less time there is. I’ve got so much going on that I feel overwhelmed quite honestly.


And the winners are:

Donisia - Life is Strange
Discobear (cant remember who you are) - Kero Blaster, NBA 2K17
Flex - Maize
GregRedd - NBA Playgrounds, laser league


Every time :slight_smile: Thank you!!


Fantastic! Thank you Wyv :slight_smile:


I just cannot associate the discobear with the canuck :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoop whoop, cant wait!!! downloading already


Be the change you want to see in the world…


@Flex congrats on winning 12 is better than 6! its a great little western, with a Hotline Miami style of gameplay


I enjoyed 12 is better than 6. It is a well executed game.


ooooh i won :smiley:


awesome. I had no idea what to do next… hahaha


This is where you send either via e-mail or steamgifts itself the gift/key to the recipient. You have 7 days to do so, at which point they can mark it as received if they got it or not received if they havent :slight_smile:


ok cool, did the whole send key thing there.

First one down - thanks for all the friendly MEWBS who helped me out… MOre to come


Awesome! thank you kindly :slight_smile:


How much interest is there in the following?

I would enter for:

  • Grid 2
  • Motorsport Manager
  • Neither

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Sigh…why did voting for Neither make me feel like i’m such a spoiled little brat…

…as if i’m going “no! these free games you’re kind enough to give away are simply not good enough! try harder!”…which for the MOST part isnt the case :smiley:

I just feel someone else would enjoy them more.
Thanks in advance for giving something to the community!