MEW Giveaways



hahaha thats why i decided not to vote…


Voted for all 3 options to mess with your results :joy:. (The two games because I think they’re both great giveaways and Neither because I have them both already).


Both excellent games!


Haha I also felt like a spoiled brat.

@Hiro offered to give me two games the other day and I felt so bad because my backlog is so big. If a game was ever in a bundle then I probably own it. And if I don’t own it then I probably gave it away because I don’t want to play it.

Things have changed so much gaming wise these last couple of years.


Don’t feel spoiled, I want my steamgifts levels!! That means I need 5 votes per game.

I might keep Grid 2 for myself, but I think I might have it on PS3… I know I have one of the two.


Perhaps we need to team up with MyB or carbonite just for the giveaways and have them join or GA group?


I think you can specify more than one group when you make a giveaway so if you know you won’t get the entries then add another group.


Ah yeah you are right, I think you can indeed add more that 1 whitelisted group


Cool! Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Now to find more groups :expressionless:


If that’s why you’re doing giveaways then I’ll join all of them to up the count. I’ve only been joining the ones I’m keen on playing.


You gotta be in it to win it!

The Norwood Suite (10P)

The successor to Cosmo D’s Off-Peak, The Norwood Suite is a surreal first-person adventure. Journey to the secluded Hotel Norwood, where odd characters, forgotten secrets, and head-nodding music await.

Tales of Berseria (50P)

Players embark on a journey of self-discovery as they assume the role of Velvet, a young woman whose once kind demeanor has been replaced and overcome with a festering anger and hatred after a traumatic experience three years prior to the events within Tales of Berseria.


Just some clarity, is it better to enter and win something you wont play for the benefit of the host or should I rather not enter/
Are these rewards worth it? I just think its cool we are giving.


Woah! Nice! TY!

Such a tough call… I’ll put mine up sometime this week when I have time. Don’t feel the need to have to enter.


Tough call indeed. The only benefit of getting to a higher level that I’ve seen is that I can enter some level restricted GAs that others can’t. Doesn’t really phase me as I tend to only enter non-MEW GAs for things on my wishlist anyway, and then only rarely.

That said, I feel the MEW donators deserve at least a little recognition for giving things away and will support them with an entry whenever I can. The reality is that whether you get only 1 or 5 entries the end result is the same - no boost to your level. I’d rather enter and show the giver that their efforts are appreciated than ignore it and have them give up on the whole scheme out of frustration. If I enter something that I genuinely don’t want or need and I see that it has reached the 5 minimum before it expires, I’ll remove my entry. But it’s too late to add an entry after it’s closed and I then see it only reached 4 entries.

Case in point: over the weekend I won 5 of @FriedPet’s 6 recent GA’s. For 3 of them, mine was the only entry, and none of them reached the minimum threshold to boost his level. (Thanks for the gifts Fried, btw :slight_smile: )


Ove never entered many due to knowing I might not get my pc up and game ready. However I will enter to show support. I did not want to appear greedy. Further, if I win a game you really want. Pm me.
I’ll load some more giveaways this week as I have keys from a bundle


I’m creating giveaways to give games to people that might want to play it. I don’t really care if you play the games you win or not though, but if you enter giveaways just for the sake of it, you might rob someone of the opportunity to play a game they wanted to play. That being said, I only enter games for games that I want to play. I might not get around to actually playing it within the near future, but that’s my intention.

TL;DR, @GregRedd, enjoy playing your games!


I think the BULK of guys giving away games on closed groups do not care about level. I have also never had the need for a high level account to enter random Giveaways


Ok, so… If you want either game, please enter. If not, and you see it has 4 entries, its up to you if you want to bump me into the ‘level up’ category. Otherwise, just leave it. Thanks :slight_smile:


@Wyvern, just FYI, I still haven’t received an email from SteamGifts for Hearts of Iron IV. I’m not really phased, but not sure if I can just mark it as received and leave it at that.


I will mail them again thanks for letting me know.