MEW Giveaways



how do i join the group?


What is your steam name, i can add you


I kind of think that if you’re giving away games for the purpose of levelling up, then you shouldnt be making them private. When I was doing giveaways it was for the enjoyment of making that person happy they won something they wanted and would be able to get enjoyment out themseves…which is why i took it a bit personal when people were entering my giveaways just because, and then either never redeemed them or regifted them to other people off-forum.

While I can’t tell someone why they should be giving games away, I think if you’re wanting something from it, be upfront. when you create giveaway say - i want to level up my steamgifts, enter even if you dont want, or, please only enter if you plan on playing.


Wyvern heres my profile


Ya, that’s what I did on my most recent one. I do want levels, but I’d rather the games go to someone here than get 0.00001 of a level by doing a public giveaway…


Invite sent


awesome thanks


And all done


Das Winners!

The Norwood Suite = snowbeast26 aka @Snowbeast
Tales of Berseria = snowbeast26 aka @Snowbeast

Congrats dude. Both keys should be available in your SteamGifts account. Enjoy!


Grid 2 - @Weasley
Motorsport Manager - Nexus357 (assuming @PsychoFish)

Grats to the winners


awesome thanks


Schweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, thanks


Thanks bud. Laptop is in the office. Will mark as recieved asap:)


Vote on the giveaway you’d be most interested in:

  • Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
  • Hitman: Absolution
  • Warlock: Master of the Arcane

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I loved sleeping dogs, although I’ve got the base game. Always wondered if the Definitive was worth getting just for the dlc.


It’s a good title, but a play once and park it title



I got this game when there was a pricing error on Steam when it released for $5, give or take. Never finished it, but it was pretty fun. I absolutely loved the reflections on the streets during rainy nights.



this is a public one, just to get to level 1