MEW Giveaways



Thanks for the great giveaways once again. Who won the previous ones?


I won hollow knight


I hope you have nerves of steel, because the game is insanely difficult. I stopped playing because I was hoarding geo in order to buy some stuff from a vendor. I lost probably 4 hours of “progress” after dying in what I feel was a bit of an unfair place for my shade to respawn. I haven’t touched the game since.


I look forward to it, looks awesome. need to finish two games before I get onto it


Yezzy won Hotline Miami 2 and Rime. I think that’s @Kwaai? It looks like he doesn’t want to claim them though. :man_shrugging:


Damn lucky!!!


They are from this bundle if you’re interested.


I did? I don’t get notifications.

Just signed in, received and feedback given! Thank you!


Hey Guys. i have an Overwatch key from a humble monthly a while back. but i have no idea how to put it up for a giveaway since you need to link you battlenet account etc etc.

So if someone can give me some help or someone really really wants it, let me know.


Gave mine away manually a while back.

Pretty much just had anyone who wanted in reply here, set a deadline, slapped the names into random name picker and done.


Thanks Greg.


Ok I actually saw now that they give you a gift link.

So if anybody wants some overwatch - Put down your forum name followed by - GIve me overwatch please. And I will random.


Talentloos - Give me Overwatch please.


Solitude - Don’t give me Overwatch please.


someone ban soli.


Flex - Already got Overwatch thanks.


PsychoFish - OMG Overwatch


MalicE - Overwatch sucks


Wyvern - Don’t give me Overwatch please - it makes me puke


Weasley - Give me Overwatch please.


Bloody mean bliksems! @Talentloos add them all to your KOS lists. Give it to @Weasley on condition he does the same.