MEW Punch Man Challenge

Welcome to the MEW Punch Man Challenge (or How I learnt to do pushups and became bold trying)

The original: One Punch Man Workout

100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats
10 Km run.


BUT we shall take a more balanced approach, in an attempt to keep compliance and stick with it.

Everyone is welcome to join.

The participants:


Day 1

Do the maximum amount of pushups you can do with good form and record that number. Try to do them at a steady pace and not have any sudden momentum changes.


Yeah I could join for this. Been looking for a reason to try something healthy. Pushups is going to be a problem for me. My collar bone is bend and crack from an accident a while ago so I’ll push myself till the pain becomes unbearable and then move on with the next thing

Question is today only pushups or the full workout?


Thank you for starting this, I have earmarked this and will return to it often. For personal reasons I would like to take a photo of myself (don’t worry, I won’t post 'em here) now and see how my body evolves, if at all.


I actually did this for ± 1 month. was destroyed


Also remember to never turn on an air con, and
"Make sure that you eat 3 meals a day. Just a banana in the morning is fine.”


Im in, just can’t do the run as my work hours don’t allow the time


Awesome, love the initiative.

Working out changed my life, everyday is a bridge too far for me haha so I aim for 3x a week with heavyish weights.

I’ll never forget my first day at gym, I was so tired of being fat that after signing up I literally just walked up to the first beefcake I saw and asked him what to do. Thankfully his advice was good, “just do enough to be sexy, don’t be a bokman and blow your joints out.”

Anyway sorry for the de-railment!


Should that not be 100km run? Everything else is 100s…

Sign me up, I will start tomorrow and log how much of each I can do. Would be very interesting to see progress…Keep in mind I am slow and fat and weak…


that makes two of us


Good luck everyone!

I’ve got my own training schedule so won’t be joining this one but I’m very interested to see who can persevere!


Done my set for today and wow, I really underestimated how out of shape I am.


Do you do to failure, or do you keep going until you are done and just see the time it takes you to do it?


I go until failure. Again, I’m not trying to push myself and mostly perform what is within my means and capabilities. I would rather improve incrementally than push myself to go further.

Something I would find interesting is if there is a “peak” or best time in the day to perform exercises. I used to cycle in the mornings purely because it is cooler then and it’s a good start to the day. But I wonder, like the mind, has a peak where there are times of the day where we are most alert and creative. :thinking:


I’m going to give some complete noob advice here, so take it with a grain of salt. I used to do push ups, sit ups, chin ups regularly when I was younger. I started getting back into it recently, starting 4 Jan this year and been keeping to a semi-regular schedule.

So my advice is to not go to failure. If you want results, you’ll want to get the most reps. To get the most reps per session, first find your max and half that, now do sets of whatever that number of reps is with a 3-5 min break in-between sets.

For example, if I do pushups with good form (hands under shoulders, straight back, slow, smooth movements, pausing for a second at the top and bottom) I can do about 20. If I take a 3 minute break, my next set to failure is about 12 and so on.
If I do sets of 10 with a 3 minute break, I can do 6 sets before I start really struggling.

This is what I do, use it don’t use it :man_shrugging:


Just the 1 set of pushups to failure on day one. Just to see how many you can do to start off with.

Yeah, its why I want to go slow and steady.

This will probably be quite modified anyway. Ain’t noone got time for 10km runs everyday.

It was just the pushups for now. Will introduce the rest incrementally.

More room for progress

The first day was to failure to see how many you can do.

Haha, Day two was going to be this :smiley:


Day 2

Take your max set of push-ups that you recorded and half that. Do three sets of pushups of your max/2. Remembering to go slow and steady. Let us know if you have gas left in the tank.

Do the maximum number of squats that you can do and record that number now as well.


Good luck all of you mad people :stuck_out_tongue:

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I want to try this but I just have a bit much on my plate ( Lucky its not food ) I love one punch man. I think once im done with this upcoming exam i should have some extra time.


On the contrary exercise will help with your studies and normal brain function as the increase in oxygen to the blood system.