MEW Secret Santa 2018


I can confirm that some gifts have been sent and more people are close to being ready to send out theirs :smiley:


Great. Here I am with not even a pint of creativity and thus absolutely no clue of what to buy.
Someone is getting a box of grass…glitterized grass


Send me a pm if you want - apparently I am good at helping with ideas


But what if I’m supposed to buy you a gift? Not saying I am, just…what if? :flushed:


then you ask the grand poobah or @DieGrootHammer im sure they will be able to assist


Or wensie or donsie or just about anyone on here :stuck_out_tongue:
You will always find someone who can help.

Also no one will talk - I can promise that


Then this will be perfect :innocent:


Spiders, she really loves spiders, get as many of them as you can and send it to her.


hahaha she will come find you and kill you for this



Otherwise BIG thank-you to my SS. The Black Rock Shooter plush is really awesome. Love the mug and the Tamagochi is a nice little surprise!


lots of SS gifts going around already, well done all! :slight_smile:

I’m guessing “open outside” is a given now?


I just love that tamagotchi!

Your SS did well I think, love the mug and plush


why is no one posting unboxing videos??!

i demand an unboxing video of the awesomeness that is all the glitter!


Steam Autumn sale should be starting in two days, I suspect that’s when most of the Steam gifting will be happening. Hope you’re ready @Wyvern or whoever else plays middleman :wink:

Edit: Hey it’s my Cake Day!


I’ll do one when I get mine


You filthy liar, it has already started today!


Haha :grinning:

10 10 10


My recipient’s gifts have been organised. I’m quite happy with the selection, hopefully they will be too.


There are people with either their wishlist hidden or empty on steam, please update your stuff.


Just send them the Steam equivalent of glitter.