MEW Secret Santa 2018


I should probably do that…


My gift will be going out soonish, Im doing the last bits this weekend. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Mine will also be going out soonish. It’s actually been ready for a while but have been waiting for everyone else to also get ready.


I aim to send mine the last week of nov - that way it will arrive by 1 dec ish


you guys realise its the start of November. ITS NOT CHRISTMAS YET!


I’m an organised person. If I have to do something then I normally try and get it taken care of.

I’m the Batman of being organised. Or something like that.


HEhe you aint bad, you havent seen me yet. Its why I have huge control issues - also why I am not impulsive or up for an adventure - I need to have it all planned


nah im the guy who scrambles and swears at the last minute because THERE ISNT ENOUGH FUCKING TIME TO DO THIS SHIT!


I have extremely HIGH expectations of you this year…


Oh who me???


So you DID get me!!! HA! That guilty conscience got the better of you!


By now you all should know I cannot lie


I will probably send my recipient their gift/s after the next big Steam sale which should start on 22 Nov, but before the Christmas one.


So… Am I the first to get their gift?

Someone knows what I need for my allergies. Unfortunately, it is too small for my Vicks HEPA air filter…


In all seriousness, a big thanks to my secret santa!

I’ve been wanting to dabble with this kind of thing, like setting up an automated watering system to grow herbs and such…

Too bad I gave up that ‘other’, now legal herb way back when… But I still want to grow mint and a few other things.


Wow your ss did their homework! I had no idea what that was. Looks like you wil lhave fun!


Ya thats some Elite Level Stalking! Right there! That’s what that is!


What no glitter?!


I feel sorry for my poor SS


Those of you sending via postnet - use a different one to the one closest to you. And if you want more anon - send me a pm and you can use my details to post the parcel


Just sign it as Ben Dover or Wayne Kerr