MEW Secret Santa 2018


so just for some final clarity, you can regift steam gifts :slight_smile:


Hoe? Cos when I tried to add them to my inventory it wanted to add it to my library - so please teach us mastermind


I just got a game from a buddy and I had the option to add it to my inventory. which I did and I could regift it again


VEry odd, cos a friend sent me something as well and it just wanted to add it to my library meh


hmmmmm… my buddy said the game he sent me was from his inventory. Maybe that’s the difference. I assume then you can’t buy games anymore and then leave them in your inventory either


Nope the new steam gifting policy is f@#$$%ed up. T_T


Giftcards it is then, @Wyvern prepare yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok @Armitag3 was actually bloody clever.

He created a steam account

Please add it as a friend - then we can work out turns and you log into the account after I give you the details, buy your gifts, send it to your target

Unless you want the magical Wyvern fairy to still do it - I honestly do not mind playing middle man :smiley:


Ha! That sounds epic :rofl: :santa:


Ive already scheduled someones gifts :stuck_out_tongue:


groovy, I think we should just keep in mind that steam might suspend the account and other associated accounts if we start using multiple credit cards on it due to fraud prevention.

Might be best to send the account a digital gift voucher and then make your purchases.


also word up to my SS for helping Santa clean out his workshop


This is why I offered to stay on in my duty as the Secret Santy fairy helper


Thank you my Secret Santa :slight_smile:


I need to get around to sending my gifts. Already bought them a week ago!


Already? What did you get?


Whoah! When are we suppossed to send out stuff!? Am I missing out!? #FOMO


Steam games of my wishlist :wink:

I need to wait for my next salary :frowning: to buy my SS something.


mmm… So your Secret Santa hasn’t done a write up yet… :thinking:


There are still plenty who didnt bother :frowning:

Its sad

Especially the ones with steam gifts - we want to know about ALL of you~