MEW Secret Santa 2018


Soon… its busy processing on youtube… also the video was shot in the famous portrait style that everyone enjoys so much! :grin:



Thank you again to my Secret Santa the gifts were awesome! the kitties went batshit for the catnip the moment i walked into the house!


Awesome vid. Thanks for sharing with us. Sooo much glitter :laughing:


Wow nice haul! I hope your cat didn’t get into the glitter too!

Oh, one more thing…


I opened it at the office luckily otherwise the cats would have been glitterized as well as the house.


YES! Between that and the urge to find the “Skip Intro” button due to a recent binge of Rick and Morty it was a challenge working through the video. And the metric ton of glitter on her hands… It would’ve driven me insane.


Sorry will only post pics on Tuesday. :slight_smile:


Picked up my SS package and really got wowed by the prep of the packaging and then the gifts themselves. It was packed with glitter along with party poppers for that extra BAM.

My internet is being a pain for uploading so i’ll add some more later on :).

Thanks so much to my SS for all these wonderful gifts :D. I’ll have a photo of the well protected flash Tee too.


I just got back from a week overseas, so the first thing I did on the way from the airport was to stop by Postnet for my package! It was an amazing gift, and my WHOLE family loves it!

Video to follow shortly! Just need to edit a little :wink:


Thank you Santa!


Nice haul!!

Very wise with the portable vaccuum on standby

All these videos wish I hadn’t gotten my gift first, I feel like I let you all down with only pics…


Hahaha daai voorskoot!

And some more glitter.


That can’t be real grass… It’s way too green and blemish-free.


Awesome video. Love at the end when everyone rushes in and grabs everything :grinning:


Manicured lawn… :blush:


Nope, still don’t believe it. Not with a dog doing its business on the grass as well… There’s not a loose leaf, exposed root, brown blade or pale patch in the whole shot. Only time I’ve seen grass like that was inside Builders Warehouse where you buy rolls of synthetic grass. Not even a pristine golf course’s greens look like that!


Most excellent! That tape wrapped Retro FC was some serious next level pass-the-parcel wrapping :grinning:
MEW Secret Santa’s have really outdone themselves this year.


Well done, Sherlock! :smile:

Our dogs killed my lawn and I had to replace it twice. Then decided to go fake…


loving all these video’s for secret santa and even more so the fun of all the glitter in the boxes.

@kwaai where are more pictures! @Solitude where is your video and photos - we are waiting :smiley: