MEW Secret Santa 2018


Thanks a lot to my Secret Santa. And the question to what goes Boom? It’s actually pronounced Baam :grin:. A game I’ve been putting off for a while because I wanted my friend to get it as well. Now he has no choice mwah haha. Also I’ll be honest, never heard of Sundered, but when I saw Metroidvania, I just thought “yisssss, so keen!”


Here’s my Christmas tally. Thank you to my SS, I’m not sure if the size of my wishlist made it easier or more difficult? Nonetheless, I’m happy :santa:






Thank you very much to my SS!!!
This is quite the haul of games, I honestly wans’t expecting this much!

I also saw everyone got unique jokes from @Wyvern, which is a nice touch :smiley:


@Blazzok ironically the jokes came from your ss?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Wow, I am not sure what the budget was for the Secret Santas this year, but I am scared I under spent! You guys are super generous!


Yeah seeing the expensive things people give I kind of feels bad but o well the budget was R300.


Keep in mind its all bought during sales - you can scheme nicely to get a few gifts :smiley:


Also keep in mind some of us know each other in real life as well. That also has an impact on it some times. You should never feel bad about secret santa. It’s not about the size of the gift or the value. It is simply coming together to do something cool.


Thanks to my Secret Santa, love the coffee!!!

Had to move the box outside after the first layer was peeled back, had just a hint of the glitter awaiting me :smiley:

Absolutely love the cards , now i just need to find some AAA batteries to enjoy the blinding light :wink:


Wooooow! this is so awesome! Thanks a million! to my SS
I am super grateful!!!


Can all the participants in this please let me know via pm if you havent sent or received anything yet!


So did everyone get their gifts?


I believe there’s one that didn’t get a gift but it was a physical gift and it may have been sent late. He went away during the holiday period.

I don’t know who the SS is for that person though and I believe that person is in contact with @Wyvern and I guess she’s speaking with @SIGSTART because he is the only person who knows who the secret identities of the santas are.


@Donisia sent me the video she recorded, and I edited it together quick and published it on the new MEW YouTube channel.

Thanks, Donsie!


There is also a playlist on our YouTube channel with all the Secret Santa videos I could track down:


Is it over now?


Hopefully yes


We will know sometime this morning hopefully.


Thank you very much @Wyvern for the mass undertaking of admin duties this must have entailed.
You are awesome!

It was really cool being a part of this.


I agree! Thanks @Wyvern! You did great!

Unfortunately we had one bad situation but it looks like it’s resolved now. Hopefully @Tom will get his present sometime this week.