MEW Secret Santa 2018


Aww shucks guys

I do it cos its fun and its something this community does so well! We share, we give freely and we do it cos this forum is our home, safe space and family


Yes how dare I not join in the thanksgiving towards Wyvern who ran this like a baws. Thanks!


I finally got my SS gift! Thank you who ever you are! You did GOOOOOD!

The “Package”

No signs of Glitter… :thinking:


Great fly fishing stuff! Thank you once again!

Thanks to all who helped make this secret santa a success! Especially @Wyvern @SIGSTART and @Solitude !!!


Almost just in time for the next one to start. :santa:


Thanks again to whomever my SS was!

The doggo is addicted to his chickens - the original one you sent me unfortunately died a cruel death.

I found more thanks to Malice on takealot and they arrived yesterday

This is what you call a happy fluff


and the lil baby, does she play with the chicken as well?



Is jy laf!

Sy mag nie eers vir hom kyk nie - that is why Mika is on the bed - the baby cant reach