MEW Secret Santa 2020

Welcome to the MEW Secret Santa for 2020

For those of you that don’t know what all this is about, here is a quick rundown. There will be a list of active MEW members that will receive a name randomly drawn by the Grand Poobah, and you have to buy an inexpensive gift for that person. This can be soap-on-a-rope, the latest Indie title no-one wants to play, or something grand and amazing, it’s entirely up to you. It’s as simple as that.

But, as all fun things in life, you need a safe word or a few rules. So here are the current rules to this project: (This has been edited since we got outvoted and will be doing steam gifts this year)

  1. You do not talk about whom you have received as Secret Santa… please… keep it anonymous.
  2. All decisions are final, and you are stuck with the person bestowed upon you. We do not have the admin time to manage members changing who they got for secret santa.
  3. The budget for the gifts is set to R150. You can spend up to that amount, but no one can ever force you not to exceed it (wink wink).
  4. We would really appreciate it if you actually send the gift. If you just don’t do anything, people will get sad and feel left out, and we don’t want that.
  5. I will gladly hand out gifts again to people via steam if you want to keep it anonymous - for steam gifts, just notify me so that I know that the gift is being planned.
  6. I think all gifts should be out by 24 December 2020 so that everyone can use the wonders that is Steam and all the other options that will have sales!
  7. I (Aka wyvern or anyone else you know who is no participating) can be roped in to hand out gifts to try and keep the secret. . . .
  8. If you don’t have me as a steam friend - add me now!

Ok so far the list of participants are as follows:
@aldyr, @Avatar, @Deadlypinecone, @Donisia @DarthMol, @Flex, @FarligOpptreden, @GregRedd, @Konck, @murfle, @Murph, @MalicE, @Nimatek, @TechThief , @Solitude, @SIGSTART, @z1oc, @1nF4m0u5

Please let me know if I missed someone!