MEW Streamers (Twitch, Youtube, Mixer)



Ah yes, see that I didn’t think about. I’m not too familiar with Playstation streaming, but with Xbox its really easy via Mixer. The problem is Mixer really does not have the audience that Twitch has.


So, over the weekend I tested this streaming nonsense. Looks like I got it working on my PC to Twitch. Xbox Mixer streaming is extremely easy to setup and start, though there may be some technical issues to iron out. but I can get into this streaming malarky. Seems like fun


Next time let us know. I have everything set up and sorted with the wife but I’m scared. So I’m putting it off. Might stream a bit on Wednesday if we play golf.


I’ve been messing about with streaming on and off for a fair bit now. Never really taken it too seriously - simply don’t have the time to focus on building followers and such. But it’s been interesting to mess about with overlays, and set up streamer profiles, and fiddle with settings in OBS to find a balance that works.

Started on Twitch but it’s just too big a world with way too many options and requirements for a casual like me. Also, like mentioned by others in the separate thread about watching Twitch, my systems’ performance using Twitch (both as a watcher and as a streamer) was generally pretty kak. Way too much buffering to enjoy watching, and very low quality stream output and very delayed broadcasts made it more irritating than fun for me. I still have my profile there, and may use it again eventually, but probably only for multistreaming if I ever get to that level.

Around the same time I also joined what was then still Beam to be able to compare the two platforms. In contrast to the growing changes and complications over at Twitch, Mixer, as it’s now known, has been a lot easier to work out and understand, and as @DieGrootHammer mentions, it’s pretty easy to get a stream going on Mixer either via the XBox app or on PC through the Windows Game Bar.

The audience and reach is nowhere near that of Twitch for sure. And honestly, that’s one of the reasons I use it - the fewer people that see me messing about with overlays, and alerts, and testing different broadcast settings, and running endless stream tests the better. Other reasons I prefer Mixer at the moment: much better broadcast quality for me at least, both as viewer and streamer; the potential to use the interactivity tools with viewers (although I haven’t gone that far yet); and the significantly lower stream delay time compared to Twitch (Mixer claim something like as low as a 10 second broadcast delay using their FTL server is possible. On Twitch, my stream delaying by a minute or more was not unusual.)

In fact, I am running a test at the moment to see how long I can keep a stream up for on my connection, and to see if the longer a stream is up, the more the delay grows. Right now it’s been running for just over 13 hours, which I never expected! It’s not a resource heavy stream - just some rotating images and music files playing on a loop, and only at 720px, but dropped frames is at just 1.1% over the 13 hours, and the delay still seems reasonable for me. If you’re bored and have a few seconds, check it out and let me know what the delay time is like for you - there’s a live clock on the screen that shows the time on my machine, compare it to the actual time on your device and you’ll be able to work out how far behind it is.

YMMV, but honestly, if you can’t dedicate tons of time into building your brand, can’t stream at regular times for many hours per week, and don’t have the gear or connection speeds to compete with hugely established streamers, it is going to be damn tough for any South African based streamer to make it big. Not impossible, just damn tough.


My side shows about 30s delay


Yeah, I am struggling with OBS. I cannot get consistent frame rates. I am 100% sure its because I am trying to stream off Wifi not having the option to have a wired connection at the moment.

But I am buying a house soon and then I will wire fucking everything.

I also think to get best results a second pc and capture card is necessary. It’s all things I want to explore at some point but I simply do not have the time or capital at the moment.


A friend and I have started YouTube and twitch channels. We’ve played around, uploaded a few videos and have recently gotten into streaming. Video uploads have become more consistent and regular as well as an increased number of streams going up due to fibre becoming available. Have a look and let me know what you guys think?


I’m going to stream some Driveclub justnow if anyone wants to watch on youtube. It will be low quality but it’s still watchable.

Gonna try get a better time for the MEW Driveclub challenge. I don’t know how to post my live video before it’s live so I’ll share it when it’s active.


Did I miss where you posted the link to your YT channel?


Gonna start justnow


mic Connected. I’ll try do commentary


Could we possibly update the OP with the names and links to the streamers for ease of reference?

Or something similar.


This would be great to have a look at all of the above channels without missing some! +1


Watched a bit of your stream - some awesome driving, although would it be possible to at least bump up to 480p?


Thanks. Unfortunately that’s the best I can do at the moment. The PS4 only has 360p low and high and 720p low and high. I’ll do some tests again with 720p some time. That was 360p high.

Still on adsl…


Ah I see, all good! Depending on how often you stream LTE could be an option, as the wait for fibre seems endless in some areas. Maybe next weekend I’ll play around with more streaming and you can critique mine.


I will get on that shortly. Thanks for the idea.


No man, I won’t critique. I’ll just enjoy the viewing entertainment :grinning:

So I did some testing now. Seems I can stream at all qualities it’s just that at the higher ones it starts missing chunks. So I can actually stream at 720. The 720 low actually looks better than the 360 high :grinning: and it seems to manage 720 standard ok also. You just need to give it a minute or 2 when you start for it to settle in.

Sorry for the long post but here goes

I also tried to stream to twitch and at 540 it worked ok but for some reason I prefer youtube. I dunno. And while I was twitching some guy started watching and said ‘you drunk?’ :laughing:

Any suggestions for LTE? You tried any?


To any Twitchers, how do you make it that Twitch saves your broadcasts? Not clips. I’ve read about some settings etc but I can’t find them.


I got you fam:

(There’s another thing I dislike about Twitch - the pseudo “language” users spam in chat and the emotes of things and people you’re supposed to understand if you’re “in”. Yeah, I’m a grumpy old bastard, now get off my lawn!!)