MEW Streamers (Twitch, Youtube, Mixer)



Cool thanks. I’ve done that now.
But it’s only for 14 days, and even pro only 60 days.

I’m ok with the language and commands but still preferring youtube. I think it’s because of how I can only watch twitch stream on a pc browser. Everywhere else it glitches and stutters and buffers. PS4 app, TV app, phone app.


Awesome! Glad you gave it a go and found one that worked out nicer! I’ve got an old stream of mine up that I need to play with settings, if I recall that was limited to 720p @ 2500 bitrate -

I’ve tried RAIN and MTN. Rain gave me speeds of 30mb down and 10 up, and MTN blows them away with 50-70 down and 15-25mb up. I currently use my MTN LTE to stream and am trying to find the best data / quality balance to keep up longer streams.


Twitch on my adsl is a mess when compared to youtube, although LTE makes that smooth as well. If only it wasn’t so expensive for LTE then I’d make the switch over completely until fibre hits.


I will definately check yours out. See how it’s done :grin:

Cool. I’ll use the adsl streaming to youtube to start with, maybe move to Twitch every now and again. Then if it becomes a thing I’ll think further.


Haha I definitely haven’t reached that level yet - hopefully with the next few i’ll figure it out. Trying to bump the quality up without just raising the upload speed (bitrate). Let me know what you think once, you’ve checked it out - always open to improving. Will try to get the audio, mainly the mic input, and video better in the next for the comparison.

Yeah definitely it’s great practice to start out. I haven’t tried streaming via ps as I’m on PC and currently use OBS.


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You add the structure you want for the list and we’ll populate it @Talentloos :+1:


Ok, I’ve taken the first step to better quality streams. Getting this just for the PS4. From my calculations, that should be enough for about 1 hour a day but that will never happen, so should be good for a start.


I know this is the Twitch/Youtube streamer thread, but has anyone worked with mixer yet? Want to maybe look into it.


You can talk about any streaming service. When I made the thread I only really knew about the big two. So go mad.


I’ve tried Mixer from my Xbox. Its extremely easy to setup and start. Literally two button process to get a stream started. I’m not sure about streaming from PC using Mixer though.


Ah yes, I heard you say last night that it’s a Microsoft thing.


It’s here, the internet…



If I can get the internet working, I’ll stream myself trying to do the Driveclub Challenge. Commentary and all :grinning:
I’ll aim for about 2pm. And I’ll try push it to youtube and Twitch at the same time. ‘Try’. We’ll see.


Seems I misunderstood the multi streaming thing a bit. I thought it would take your one stream and push it to another service, but no it actually takes your Obs or whatever software code and you push to it then it pushes to YouTube and Twitch.
Well, will stream to YouTube only then for now. Prefer it.


Be keen to see how it runs, once you’ve started one up.


Ok here goes. New internet and all :grin:


Checking it out!


For anyone interested, here were the PS4 specs streaming at 720 high. As high as it goes.

Although that usage is not a true reflection. At some point during the stream my phone, which I was using to see the chat, decided to also hope onto the LTE wireless.

Either way, it will be better next time.

@Kwaai, just when you left I got some good times in :grinning: tnx for the visit :+1:


Watched some if your videos @Kwaai, you guys are funny man :grin: