MEW WRC Rally Club

The new MEW WRC Rally Club has been created! Will set up an initial trial event to run for the month of November to see how things work. Join up and come get dirty again when you can.

Have made the club Friends Only but can’t find a way to send Club Invitations. You’re all welcome to join at any time - I’ll approve anyone who has a RaceNet name that I recognise that is in my Friends list. If you aren’t on my Friends list, make it so by adding gregredd to your Friends. (And can someone who already does have me in their Friends list please share the link to my profile - I can’t find it!)

If you do use an alternate name there that I may not know, please drop a quick mention here that it’s you and I’ll sort it out.



No join button :thinking:

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Maybe we’re not Racenet / EA friends? Or there’s an issue with the profiles?

I see a couple of accounts in my Friends that are just numbers and are marked as private. Maybe one of those is you? I don’t see your name in the list, so that could well be the issue.


See if I am in your list (my EA display name is gregredd) and confirm yours with me.

If that still doesn’t work, I’ll change the join setting from Friends Only to Open

@the9avenger9, if you have a chance, will you check if there’s a Join button for you on the Club page? You’re the only one I can see with a named profile that has the new game.

Racenet - EA SPORTS™ WRC - Club

Okay, so you definitely need to be in my Friends list in order to see and join the club. I have no idea why some names from the dirt Rally club are in my list and some aren’t. @aldyr wasn’t, sent me a friend request which I accepted and he is now in the club. It’s a weird system.

If you don’t see the Join button on the club page, friend request me at gregredd and ping me here to accept it.

Liking the updated club results screens and info. Shows a lot more than just times, including a route trace of everyone who has completed the stage…

I think it makes sense, in that I had privacy setting enabled, and for you see who I am to accept, you need that setting off. :man_shrugging: I did join other clubs, that were open to join, and it was fine.

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There was and I joined

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