Most Epic Brute Force Competition 2018



A new home and this time we will make it work. It’s in our hands now. Our little baby. To make this baby grow up into a super hero we need all the activity we can find!

Thus we have the Brute Force competition! All new and sparkly.

The rules are:

  1. Every participant must create a new thread per week. This time around even news threads are fine.
  2. Every participant must reply to at least 10 other unique threads per week.
  3. You get 3 strikes. Miss a week and you get a strike. 3 strikes and you are out.
  4. A week starts on a Monday. You get until midnight on Sunday to create your threads and write your replies.
  5. If you are going on holiday and can’t post then please let me know beforehand and you will be required to create threads before you go on holiday.

I am the organiser of this competition and my word is law. If I disqualify someone then my word counts. I won’t be unfair though. I mean the whole idea is to create discussion not have fights and things.

We need both participants and sponsors and yes you can be both. You don’t have to sponsor to participate. Please, if you struggle money wise then don’t sponsor. We know things are tough out there.

The competition starts on the 12th of February. All participants have to register before then. We will accept more sponsors during the year however. The competition ends on 2 December.

The winner is the person to last the longest without being knocked out. If there is more than one person still in it at the end then a random draw will decide the winner.

Please post if you would like to participate or sponsor.

Participants - Strikes
@czc - 1
@DarthMol - 2
@Wyvern - 0


Blazzok - R100
DarthMol - R100
DieGrootHammer - R100
czc - R100
Mottamort - R100
Solitude - R100
Talentloos - R200
Wyvern - R100

Total prize pool: R1000


I guess it wouldn’t be Brute Force if I didn’t participate :grin:

I can contribute R100 to the prize pot.

Quick question - do the replies to other threads have to be to 10 unique threads or can it consist of 2 in one thread, 4 in another, 4 in a third one? For example.


Yay! It must be in 10 unique threads.


I am in, and I shall also add R100 to the prize pot.


I’ll add R100 to the prize pool as well.

I’ll also join the comp :slight_smile:


Well I am in if I still have a job at the end will also add R100.


Don’t know your current situation. Rather pledge the money once you know everything is fine. :slight_smile:


I’m in and and I’ll add R100 to the pool as well.


I’ll add R100 to the prize pool


Thanks! You participating too or just sponsoring?


As much as i like butterflies I will still participate and donate R100


Just a sponsor


So you are participating and sponsoring?


I are in !


I’ll sponsor R100, since that seems to be the peer-pressured amount :smiley:

good luck to those participating!


Are you going to be posting too?


I will not step into this trap again!!!


But this is a new place.


If you think that this is our new place to feel safe, then you are sorely mistaken.
All the people that made me feel unsafe over at MyG are all here! O_o


But you’re the body builder!