Most Epic Brute Force Competition 2018



/stabs @Flex in the back.

It would be nice if you join us.


I don’t have the same time available for forums like I did last year :frowning:

Se wie? O_o


Fair enough. :cry:


Not for the competition no, just don’t mind awarding those that do.

although if i’m being honest, the whole “random draw if tie” is kinda weak. would prefer a sudden death or a deep analysis of WHAT was posted, or even a split. random draw just makes it so meh. imagine being in top 2 of a super drawn out thing, only to have RNG rape you.


Fair enough. I’ve also wondered about that the in the past. How would you guys prefer a tie be handled?


Maybe look at the number of replies for the treads created, something based on the response generated which leads to a better community


hook me up with the details to sponsor. Dont think ill participate since i have some hectic shit coming up so i know ill be away for long periods. but i want to contribute.


Thanks Ha… erm @Talentloos, that’s great of you. You can just say how much you would sponsor and then at the end of the year I’ll send you a notification to do the payment to the winrar.


sweet. Put me down for R200


Nice! That’s very generous of you. Thanks!


Just a quick bump. Still a couple of days to enter!


I’m in for R100.

Edit: And will be participating too.


Nice, thanks! And will you be participating too?



Thank you all for entering! Good luck with the competition and may you do well! It starts today. :smile:


Good luck everyone!! Happy posting!!


Good luck everyone



I have no real way of counting this yet. Lets hope it’s not that difficult.


I guess we’ll just have to be honest !


You could do a search with options settings.